With Plugins And Open Repository, Dearborn Sets Its Eyes On Moodle 3.3

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The Dearborn Public Schools district in Michigan is the first public school district boasting an Open Source repository. (That we found, after some research.) Since the district made the leap, the work led by Chris Kenniburg and Sean Williams has been a boon for the Moodleverse. Now, with the release of the Dearborn GitHub repository, the district hopes to continue “K-12-proofing” Moodle once 3.3 is officially launched.

With Dearborn’s success, will other education entities follow?

Font Awesome for the “Fordson” theme

Moodle 3.3 will make it very simple for designers to include characters from this icon-based font to replace Moodle icons. This will help both the size and the loading time of the Moodle site. “Fordson” already includes Font Awesome.

“Course Management” foldable dashboard

An innocent suggestion on the forums became a speedy Moodle administration shortcut. This dashboard provides a more organized layout to make sense of the options available for site and course admins, right from the Course home page.

Easy Enrollment Plugin, ready for your site

We recently covered a version of this plugin in development, which can enroll a student into a course through a text or QR code. The plugin is now available for everyone. It is the first project on Dearborn’s GitHub repository, which makes it ready to use, but still not an official release. For optimal use, Chris highly recommends using Easy Enrollment with “Fordson”. The Theme detects the plugin, and unlocks special buttons. (Watch the video.)

See them all in action

This “MoodleNews 101” demo site has the “Fordson” theme and the Easy Enrollment plugin installed. The “Fordson” theme detects the enrollment plugin and automatically adds the text box.

In this example, we see the new icons on the “Fordson” theme. It is an adaptation of the “Boost” theme for K-12 contexts, which explains, among other things, bigger contrasts and larger text sizes.

The course box is ready, now all we need is the code. How do we get it? By going to the course page and looking at the enrollment options. Fortunately, we can access this quickly thanks to the new “Course Management” dashboard.

Once we have the code, we can share it with any user. Then they can go to the Moodle site home to find the course code box.

It instantly enrolls the student and makes the course content available.

Visit the Dearborn Public Schools Open Source repository at GitHub here.

Download the Easy Enrollment plugin. Click on Clone or download > Download ZIP. Now you can install the ZIP on your site directly. Make sure you also install and activate “Fordson.”

See Chris’ “Fordson” for Moodle 3.3 thread on the Moodle forums.

Download the latest version of “Fordson” from the Moodle plugin directory.

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  1. Fantastic work by Chris and associates. Dear Dearborn, keep up the good work!

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