Wooclap, Seamless Mobile-Aided In-Person Engagement, Will Revolutionize Your Classroom Experience


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Wooclap is a one-of-a-kind plugin design to maximize engagement in live classroom sessions, a concept also known as “classroom response system.” From their personal devices, students can join a live virtual session that complements a lecture, and participate in interactive and engaging tasks. Questions, quizzes, votes and more are almost guaranteed to raise eyebrows at your next talk or lecture.

Based on rigorous research and ongoing user testing, Wooclap has already been used by more than 150 thousand instructors worldwide in live classrooms as well as in online learning. This is possible thanks to the wide variety of activities Wooclap offers from one interface. Engagement also increases for instructors, who find it really easy to create live activities, or even set them up on the go. A user testimonial wonders whether Wooclap is enjoyed more by students or teachers themselves.

Wooclap can easily connect with LMS including Moodle (via dedicated plugin), Canvas, Blackboard and D2L Brightspace. It can also embed video and slides in PowerPoint (with a dedicated plugin), Keynote, and PDF formats. Firefox and Chrome addons for Google Slides are also available.

No app needed: How Wooclap works

Wooclap provides a varied (and growing) set of live, interactive modes. As a teacher, you can quiz students instantly, poll them or request feedback, and promote class-wide collaboration. Popular examples include:

  • Multiple choice questions
  • Ratings
  • Polls
  • Find on images (visual quiz)
  • Word clouds
  • Open Question. Wooclap provides a clever interface that recognizes multiple correct answers and synonyms.
  • Guess a number, aka “Wisdom of the crowds”: Is it true that among large groups, truth lies in the average? Wooclap provides what is perhaps the snappiest way to find out!
  • Prioritization (points allocation)
  • Sorting
  • Matching
  • Fill in the blanks
  • Quick slide
  • Brainstorming
  • Video
  • Wall of Messages
  • Reactions (students can “like” answers from their peers)
  • Moderator

Launching Wooclap on a live session is just a matter of creating a virtual classroom and sharing its name for participants to join from a mobile browser. They can also participate through SMS. Login is also possible using the organization’s Single Sign-On.

But picking a live experience is just the beginning. The true power of Wooclap is unleashed by activating its impressive features on any of the activities.

Comparison lets you compare the outcomes of two different classes, to encourage socially acceptable competition.

Speaking of competitive Gamification, features such as awards and leaderboards can sustain participation and motivation throughout the class or even the semester.

Categorization allows you to organize the contributions of the audience into categories. It’s perfect for open-ended sessions (say, Design Thinking) where people co-create and achieve at features and outcomes together.

And when you are done, just Export the outcomes on PDF, CSV (Excel), aggregate or on an individual basis.

Last but not least are the interesting features for distance, asynchronous learning. Surveys, Homeworks and File Sharing complement the live experience with self-paced actions that can still be incorporated into a live or hybrid learning approach.

Becoming Wooclap

Wooclap is the brainchild of Sebastien Lebbe (CEO) and Jonathan Alzetta (CTO), Belgian engineers passionate about EdTech and launching their own startups. They have enjoyed good fortune and support of the Europezan entrepreneurial ecosystem, which started when they joined the French EdJobTech accelerator, part of Emlyon Business School. Within 3 years it raised €1.75 million in funding, later enhanced by a €500,000 award as 2018’s Startup of the Year by EdJobTech.

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@wooclap was just named #innovative #startup of the year and will receive 500.000 € to fund future research & development! #edtech #startup #future #wooclap

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They began their campaign to conquer the Moodle classrooms at the first MoodleMoot Global in Barcelona.

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