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Welcome to the XR Hub: Virtual (VR), Augmented (AR), Mixed (XR) and what’s to come?

Can a virtual world make an improvement in police training? And could it help improve the perception citizens have of policepeople?

Axon is a security technology company that provides training equipment to law enforcement agencies. Last May, it announced the launch of one of its first virtual reality simulator trainings. This simulator will provide police officers with immersive content in a virtual reality environment that will allow officers to develop critical and quick thinking skills. The goal of this simulator is to train officers to interact with the community and support people in crisis.

The company has provided training using VR since at least 2018, being used by law enforcement agencies in the U.S. The City of Phoenix Police Department will be the first institution to adopt Axon’s latest simulators.

Considering the process the United States is going through regarding police reform, VR simulators join the debate on measures and strategies that aim to improve the quality of police job, arising risk and hazards, and utlimately impact the relationship between police force and the communities.

It remains to be seen how Axon’s VR treatment effects the situation.

XR As An Educational Solution For Students At Imperial College 

On July 17, Imperial College hosted Education Week and presented a different, fun and safe way to offer medical students the opportunity to practice and make mistakes without tragedy.

You may “know” that virtual reality is not real, but your body’s instincts and reflexes respond as if they were. This principle is the basis for the innovative teaching methods taught at Imperial College.

A 360° video showing everything that is going on in a delivery room is the perfect study material for pediatrics and child health students. The video shows a simulation of the resuscitation of a premature baby. It helps set students up to work under pressure and make decisions in a short time. The goal is to prepare future doctors in a sentimental and attitudinal way.

With this project, the institution seeks to promote and refine XR practices for pedagogical, logistical and financial benefits.

Labster Announces $60 Million USD Raised In Series C Round Led By Andreessen Horowitz

Labster is a producer of laboratory simulations, which under the pandemic onset have grown in popularity, as students look for more immersive experiences in the limitations of their own home. Currently, 200 employees support more than 2,000 educational institutions and millions of students who benefit through Labster. Large, top academic partners include Community Colleges of California.

Labster announced raised $ 60 million in Series C funds, led by investor Andreessen Horowitz. The round exceeding the company’s total capital raised to $ 100 million. The eponymous capital firm is one of the better known Silicon Valley VC, famous among other things for his decades-old “Software is eating the world” motto.

Spark AR launches free courses, tutorials, resources for educators and students

With Spark AR online courses designed for professionals and creative people who want to start building their business idea and developing their brand.

If you want to learn the fundamental principles of augmented reality design and practical creation skills, dare to learn!

Labster Partners with Community Colleges of California

More than 100 universities in California will have free simulations of the Labster virtual laboratory, professors and students will have unlimited access.

Labster simulations were created to encourage students’ imagination, creativity, and curiosity. Labster wants to promote learning to community college students through its virtual labs.

You can visit how Labster laboratories make a chemical engineering laboratory affordable from home.

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