Zoom Meeting Plugin Now Available For Moodle 3.11

Zoom Meeting Plugin for Moodle™

Zoom, another webinar tool for web-based meetings and synchronous sessions, has a straightforward —and unofficial— plugin to integrate with Moodle-based LMS. Install it in your system to provide direct access to Zoom rooms from within course sections or really anywhere. Students will join right away, with their LMS profile names on display. The Zoom plugin […]

Totara Code Available On GitHub (Update: Totara Code No Longer Available On GitHub)

2021 Update. Totara no longer provides their source code to the public. According to the Moodle repository for Totara on GitHub: «[The Totara source code i]s not being updated because our access to the original repository was terminated shortly after distributing this clone.» Moodle Workplace code is also not publicly available. If you’re interested in […]

LMS Analytics: Analyzing Your Site Usage… For Student Clues?

LMS Analytics: Analyzing Your Site Usage… For Student Clues?

The Moodle Analytics plugin created by David Bezemer, currently maintained by Bas Brands and Gareth Barnard, should go a long way in helping you analyze your Moodle site’s traffic. Originally focused on Google Analytics, it supports the open source and LMS-neutral analytics solution Piwik, as well the just released Google Analytics 4 property with its […]

What Is A Virtual Programming Lab?

What Is A Virtual Programming Lab?

If you teach computer science and use Moodle as your LMS, good news: you can now have student submit snippets of code easily using the new Virtual Programming Lab created by ULPGC (University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain). How to assess computer programming skills in Moodle According to creator Juan Carlos Rodríguez-del-Pino, “VPL […]

Students Looking to Understand Moodle? Check Out These Resources

Updated in July 1st, 2019. Moodle guides and tutorials for teachers, administrators and even developers are plentiful. How about students? Not every organization spends enough time showing the most important users know around what is meant to become their learning’s best ally, most likely for years to come. Unfortunately Moodle decided to discontinue the “Student […]

2019’s Moodle Tools To Interact With Your Students Online

WizIQ (@wiziq) is a sponsor of LMSPulse. Here’s an easy to digest list of good tools for Moodle that you might consider using. Many are not standard activities/modules but each is available below as a list from the repository. The whitepaper, “12 Moodle Tools to Interact with your Students Online” is published and available […]

OER Pulse: Dozens Of Simple, Open Courseware Created With Moodle LMS (2019 Update)

Updated in July 1st, 2019. If you’re interested in learning a new skill or want to check out how simple a Moodle course can be (when using/tapping open resources available elsewhere on the web) you should check out Open, Of Course. It’s a collection of simply created Open Educational Resources or OER courses presented through […]

Auto-Scaling Moodle Architecture on Amazon Web Services (AWS 2019 Update)

Auto-Scaling Moodle™ Architecture on Amazon Web Services (AWS 2019 Update)

Updated on May 30th, 2019. The original post by MediaAgility might have vanished, but the opposite is true for users looking to take their Moodle LMS to the next level on the Amazon Cloud. We have reviewed and kept the general parts that are still relevant, including the infographic. If you want up-to-date content, here […]