LMS Analytics: Analyzing Your Site Usage… For Student Clues?

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The Moodle Analytics plugin created by David Bezemer, currently maintained by Bas Brands and Gareth Barnard, should go a long way in helping you analyze your Moodle site’s traffic. Originally focused on Google Analytics, it supports the open source and LMS-neutral analytics solution Piwik, as well the just released Google Analytics 4 property with its revamped interface, machine learning insights, mixture of website and app data, and ability to track “events” —like clicks, scrolls, mouse movements and so on— in addition to classic page views and traffic dynamics; among many other new features.

Want to get started with Analytics in Moodle? Try these 7 things

While you don’t actually need a plugin to start collecting analytics data from your Moodle site —nor any other LMS for that matter—, the plugin brings and understanding of the site’s structure and URL syntax that only those passionate about UTM parameters,

While this doesn’t matter much as you navigate across a site or interact with a course, it can be a pain to try to make sense of it in Google Analytics where the URLs would have to be matched one by one to their corresponding pages to figure out which courses were garnering the most traffic or which resources within a course were getting the most views.

The plugin, quite simply, “Adds the Google Analytics Snippet to moodle pages and translates developer URLs into human readable strings.

Check out the before/after for reference on how this could change your Google Analytics reports.


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