Moodle Monday: 6 Tips to Manage Course Sizes by @timdalton

  A while ago I wrote about the reports available to admins to see how courses were being used. These reports very much cover staff/student access which is useful, but as a Moodle admin I’m also interested in the disc space these courses are taking up. The amount of disc use is important, particularly if […]

Moodle Monday: Moodle XML Converter by @timdalton

Short post this week, but a quick recommendation for a nice Moodle tool I got sent to have a look at. The Moodle quiz and glossary modules are great, but entering all of your questions/entries can take up a lot of time when doing them all through the web interface. It is possible to import […]

Moodle Monday: Collapsed Topics Format

The module description page on for this little add-on refers to the Moodle ‘scroll of death’, sounds familiar to me… Have you got a course that you’re finding is getting a little bit long? Takes students ages to scroll down the page to find the section they are after? It is possible to collapse […]

Moodle Monday: Embedding Google Maps into Moodle @timdalton

This week I want to look at how you can embed Google Maps into Moodle courses. Google provides a very simple interface for generating the right code you need, all you have to do is make sure you copy and paste it into the right place. You can embed simple maps, or choose to add […]