Moodle Monday: Moodle XML Converter by @timdalton

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Moodle™ Monday: Moodle™ XML Converter by @timdaltonShort post this week, but a quick recommendation for a nice Moodle tool I got sent to have a look at.

The Moodle quiz and glossary modules are great, but entering all of your questions/entries can take up a lot of time when doing them all through the web interface. It is possible to import questions into your quiz (and entries to the glossary) by uploading an XML file containing them, but XML is a tricky thing if you’re not familiar with it.

The Moodle XML Converter helps you out with this. Simply add your questions to it in a readable text format and it will convert them into the code you need to import into your quiz. For example, you can quickly put together your quiz questions in a format like:

 Question 1
 1) TextAnswer 1
 2) TextAnswer 2
 3) TextAnswer 3
 Answer: 2

 Question 2
 1. TextAnswer 1
 2. TextAnswer 2
 3. TextAnswer 3
 Answer: 3

Save it as a text file, and then head over to to turn it into the XML file you need. Really nice time saving tool, I like it a lot.

7 Responses

  1. Hi, it looks like the link is not working. Are there any alternatives out there?

  2. Barry, their new site is, but that appears to be down as well. I’ve pinged the developer to see what the status is. I’ll post any update I get if the vletools site isn’t going to be back up.

  3. I received an email this morning from Yulia Ivanova “get baclk online #Moodle XML Converter – This appears to be a site to collect donations for the Converter but there was no other information. Anyone know anything?

  4. I also received that notification…I’m trying to get some more information regarding the pledge drive and the monetary goal.


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