Below you’ll find a growing matrix of free or very low cost hosting options for Moodle.  NOTE: many of these companies or organizations are official Moodle partners (so if you’re seeking official hosting that provides funding back to the Moodle Trust, try one of the companies listed on this site:

They are in no particular order and we’ll continue to update them as changes become known and new hosting services are introduced.  If you know of another hosting service, let us know!

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  1. I noticed the table is cut off when I view it in Firefox 3.6.6 or Internet Explorer 8. Is there a file I can download to view the whole table?

  2. Tom, that’s fixed, at least for IE8 and FF (sorry for the mis-formatting).

  3. Even with free, there are some other aspects that would be good to know from people providing a hosted service:

    Backups (if the server blows up have you a copy of the data available for u, or if they go out of business / close down)

    Upgrades/security patches – Is it secure, is it up to date …

    Anti-Virus scan on uploads?

    These are just 3 questions you should always know answers to whether you pay or not.

  4. Key2School is a wonderful host site – we have been very happy with upgrades, backups, and the help forums. Just waiting for moodle 2.0 now!

  5. I was just taking a look through these to find a hosting site for my high school class and found that has a limit o 10 students per course. Not very practical for normal school use.

  6. SO disappointed with Key2School! I’m currently looking for a comparable host: full admin rights, no ads, up to 1,000 users…ANYBODY have any ideas? I’m not in the US, so can’t use

  7. @Raabster
    What exactly did dissapoint you so much, when using Key2school?
    A lot of things will improve, definitely check back when they’ll reopen in March!

  8. @Tommy – I’m disappointed that in the middle of an academic year Key2school decides to change their hosting policy and I’m disappointed that even if I stayed with Key2school that my school’s moodle site would be down for several MONTHS during the school year.

    I need a WORKING site. Period. Currently we’re working to host our own site if I can figure out how to export what we have.

  9. This is TERRIFIC! We support many schools and some do not like our policies, or they have grown so much they want their own server. This now gives me a ONE STOP shop to help them find suitable resources. You always do such wonderful work Joseph, there are few words to say how much you have helped my work in the past. *Thank you!*

  10. Thank you for listing my website ( on your listing, but since I do not offer full Moodle functionality, it probably is not appropriate to list it here. Teachers only have access to the reader quiz module and related functions but cannot use their course for discussions, assignment submissions and the like since this eats up too much bandwidth. We now have over 15,000 student users and 100+ schools using the site.

  11. Tom, I still think it’s a great resouce…I can add those limitations so potential users know exactly what Moodlereader provides.

  12. ninehub and freewebclass both give the message: the free version of is currently
    unavailable. 000webhost has a 10,000 file minimum and moodle is higher than 10,000 files now. gnomio and mdl2 have obnoxious ads all over the page, is for sale, I guess the only way is to have open courses at freemoodle but people feel insecure – they don’t want their work open to the public, so I guess there is no free way to have a moodle site 🙁

  13. It appears so. From experience I know that it takes a lot of resources to keep a Moodle up and running that provides free access (or free Moodle sites). I would say there aren’t free Moodle sites, but there are cheap ways to get a site up and running.

  14. I just wanted everyone to know that the testimonial attributed to me on is a fake. I did not provide that testimonial to them.

    They claim that I said “I never had a problem in the classroom. kids loved it.” But I’m not even a teacher of children! I used Moodle as a university study-group tool (see and I had an account on MOODLEHOSTING.COM for that purpose. Their false “testimonial” makes it look I’m a school teacher, teaching children, but I’m not, and have never claimed to be one.

    Credit where credit is due, I did use their service while I was studying. But I swear I did not give that testimonial. It reflects badly on their whole service that they refuse to remove it, and I would never use or recommend their service because of this.

  15. Robert, seems like there’s a mixup. We have a lot of clients and we do have a Robert Frittmann who wrote that testimonial that we proudly display. We are in the midst of a site redesign and on our list is to include even more testimonials from current clients so that likely will be replace in the future.

    In the meantime, I’d love to know what you thought of the service while you were studying. Did it work for you as you needed it?

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