The eLearning Podcast With Stephen Ladek: The Best Moments So Far

The eLearning Podcast with Stephen Ladek

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Britt Andreatta
Chris Badgett
Monica Burns
Brian Carlson
Kenneth Chapman
Page Chen
Ted Curran
Seb Francis
Eric Gibbs
Svein-Tore Griff With
Philip von Heydebreck
Aaron Hurst
Assina Kahamba
Rob Kelley
Julie MacGregor
Gina Mallon
Lianne Keiller
Michelle Moore
Phill Miller
John Mitchell
Mohit Mukherjee
Cindy Pascale
Achim Rothe
Jane Sagalovich
Kim Salinas
Dean Saunders
Brittany Smith
Mike Weiss
7th Mind, Inc
American University
Beautiful Company
Client Engagement Academy
eCreators (an Open LMS company)
Elearning Experts
eThink Education (an Open LMS company)
Lycée Libiza Congo-Kinshasa
My Learning Consultants
Open LMS (an LTG Company)
Ouriginal (formerly Urkund)
Pennsylvania Virtual Charter Schools
Remote Learner
Scale Your Genius
Stellenbosch University South Africa
Taproot Foundation
Titus (formerly Titus Learning)
University for Peace Center of Executive Education
Vado, Inc

Here are the best moments of Stephen Ladek’s The eLearning Podcast so far:

№1. Dr. Britt Andreatta

Internationally recognized speaker and thought leader on the intersection between management and neuroscience.

Keep up with Dr. Britt

№2. Brian Carlson, CEO of eThink Education

eThink Education is the largest provider of open source technologies in North America, UK, Nigeria and the Caribbean, and the largest Moodle and Totara Partner.

Keep up with Brian

№3. Michelle Moore, My Learning Consultants

One of North America’s most renowned elearning consultants, Michelle is a PhD candidate in education technology and the Co-Founder of My Learning Consultants, Certified Premium Moodle Partner in the U.S.

Keep up with Michelle

№4. Dean Saunders, CEO of eCreators

Co-Founder of eCreators, an LTG company, and freshly minted VP of Product Development at OpenLMS, Dean is an elearning innovator that focuses on experience, mindfulness, self and mutual care.

Keep up with Dean

№5. Brittany Smith,

A young teacher from New Jersey who went viral thanks to her actionable thoughts on approaching subjects like race and social justice with young learners, while keeping them engaged at a distance.

Keep up with Brittany

№6. Eric Gibbs, President for North America, Ouriginal

We had the privilege to interview Eric just hours after Ouriginal, born from the merge between anti-plagiarism powerhouses Urkund and and PlagScan merged. Eric addresses our fears, concerns and misconceptions about these technologies, whose ultimate role is to promote better conversations about original —and confident— argumentation.

Keep up with Eric

№7. Monica Burns,

In need for an digital learning and social media savvy voice? Make Monica and your go-to resource for support and inspiration.

Keep up with Monica

№8. Seb Francis, CEO of Titus

Ambitious, serial entrepreneur, Seb is slowly becoming a global reference about the future of open source elearning, both for his entrepreneurial spirit and his willingness to use Titus technology and platform to address issues of social justice. Stay tuned.

Seb, Race and Social Justice

Keep up with Seb

№9. Dr. Page Chen, CEO of Remote Learner

Dr. Page just finished her doctorate on “Persuasive Design Strategies,” which will guide her roles as President and Chief Innovation Officer for Remote Learner.

Keep up with Dr. Chen

№10. Cindy Pascale, CEO of Vado Inc

Founder and CEO of Vado, a company that crystalizes Cindy’s tenure across HR leadership roles. Cindy is a thoughtful leader keen to discuss and then take action to tackle our crises in the HR and Learning & Development space

Keep up with Cindy

№11. Mohit Mukherjee, UPeace Centre for Executive Education

Founding Director of the Centre for Executive Education at the University for Peace, a United Nations established institution. A longtime friend of Stephen, Mohit is a pioneer in virtual education, especially on the social entrepreneurship space, formulating educational programs to connect a global audience for decades.

Keep up with Mohit

№12. Kenneth Chapman, D2L

Founding member of D2L, Canadian developer of the Brightspace LMS, one of the longest running elearning platforms. He’s been instrumental in the company’s long view of caring about the student throughout their life, from early education to Higher Ed and beyond.

Keep up with Kenneth

№13. Assina Kahamba, Lycée Libiza, Congo-Kinshasa

Assina is a Civil Engineer and Computer Scientist who took it upon herself to equip the low-income students and families in her Kinshasa school with an elearning success system, based primarily on WhatsApp. She shares a fascinating story about resourcefulness and identifying the true priorities in education, which continues to unfold.

Keep up with Assina

№14. Ted Curran, Autodesk

Ted Curran is Autodesk’s Learning Experience Designer. A resourceful and pragmatic educator with artistic passions and a desire to make online learning amazing for everyone, Ted always has some free app recommendations under his sleeve.

Keep up with Ted

№15. Lianne Keiller, Stellenbosch University South Africa

Lianne is IT Manager at Stellenbosch University in Cape Town, a 1918 institution whose witnessed the tremendous transformations of the South African nation. And so has Lianne in her decade in front of the technological transformation of the educational sector.

Keep up with Lianne

№16. Aaron Hurst, Imperative, Taproot Foundation

The author of The Purpose Economy is on a mission to bring purpose into the workplace. Following his book, he launched Imperative, a social learning platform focused on peer interactions, coaching and mentoring.

Check Aaron out

№17. Phill Miller, Managing Director of OpenLMS

A very laid back conversation with a man who is becoming the most influential face of Moodle for the large corporate and Higher Ed world, Miller talked with Stephen moments before the stunning announcement: The acquisition by OpenLMS of eThink Education, the largest Moodle Partner

Keep up with

№18. John Mitchell, CEO of Arlo

Lifelong technologist and serial entrepreneur, John is a veteran in New Zealand’s elearning space, helping schools and training teams get into the latest ICT innovations. John is now on a mission to bring Arlo’s unique Training Management System and Event Software to people and teams around the world.

Keep up with

№19. Jane Sagalovich, Scale Your Genius

Join Jane’s mission to “rid the world of crappy online learning” gains a protagonic role in this episode, where she shares intricate detail about her process and whether you are cut out for it. (If you’re not don’t fret: She has a 90-day refund policy.)

Keep up with

№20. Svein-Tore Griff With, Director of H5P and

Leading the most progressive branch of the global open source EdTech movement in terms of usability, ease of us and collaboration, it was a true honor to host Svein-Tore once again.

Keep up with

№21. Kim Salinas, Elearning Experts

Moodle Educator veteran, Kim leads the Moodle Educator Certification (MEC) effort at partner Elearning Experts.

Keep up with Kim

№22. Rob Kelley, American University

Longtime friend and witness of the rise and fall —and new rise, he hopes— of the internet as a knowledge and learning superhighway, Rob talks about the challenges and merits of universities in our learning world.

Keep up with Rob

№23. Philip von Heydebreck & Achim Rothe, Trickle

Achim and Philip wondered if there was a way to help people plan courses and gather feedback as early as possible. So they formed Beautiful Company, which would then launch Trickle, a system that helps you plan your learning into bite-sized chunks.

Keep up with Achim and Philip

№24. Chris Badgett, LifterLMS

Leveraging the ubiquitious power of WordPress, Chris wants to make LMS accessible and ready to use in your open source CMS.

Keep up with Chris

№25. Julie MacGregor and Gina Mallon, Pennsylvania Virtual Charter Schools teachers

№26. Mike Weiss, Client Engagement Academy

If you need a help line for your engagement, badges or LinkedIn game, better call Mike

Keep up with Mike

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