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“Home is the first school and parents are the first teachers.”

Why a VLOAG (Virtual Online Activities Guide)?

That’s easier said than done for even the most patient among us. We spend countless hours as parents choosing not only where to send our children to school, but then how to best support them in that system. So then what happens when we are faced, as parents, with having the kids at home all day doing online learning, or we have to support them with home learning?

We are, after-all, the primary and most important teachers in a kids life as we influence their thoughts, feelings, and experience of the world. If parents support and encourage their learning at home and at nursery, it will have a positive effect on their development.

Closures impact younger students more than others, as they cannot stay at home alone or cannot do online learning by themselves. There are many ways in which parents can extend and support their child’s learning with easy low-cost activities such as regular reading or singing of nursery rhymes which can support their basic language skills. Offering experiences such as exploring their local community can encourage curiosity and build their understanding of the world and support a whole range of areas such as maths and physical development. A good idea is for parents to keep both a reading and development diary in periods of extended home learning so that they can chart progress, make comments on how they use resources and what their kids have learnt during this time. This is also a great way of giving useful feedback to the teachers.

The importance of creating a routine is vital. Check out what Khan Academy has recommended for all age groups. Whilst younger kids will be up and ready for their day, teens will drag their feet and try to sleep until lunchtime! It’s a good idea to start as you mean to go on and create both guidelines and possibly stricter rules depending on the age of the student. No parent wants to be the ‘bad guy’ that’s why we send them to school so we can be the fun guys, but when situations arise that call for home learning, we become both parent and teacher and this dynamic needs clear separation.

Create good habits at this point and set a clear time for breakfast, lunch and mid-morning and afternoon breaks. A good idea is to stick to your kids’ current school schedule as they are already used to these set time frames. Make sure they are up and ready for classes and dressed, as online learning in pajamas isn’t a good way to start!

For teens this can be a good opportunity for them to take on extra responsibilities in the home, making their own bed, preparing their snacks and lunch in advance so that they are ready for each day. Set aside time each day for physical activity, weather exploring in the garden, riding a bike or using the gym if one is available, ensure they get moving at least twice a day and teach them the importance of exercise and how this impacts their bodies.

Remember this can also be a great opportunity to build connections with your kids. Playing games can be a great way of learning. Let the kids plan a meal to include all the food groups, the costs and show them how to read and follow a recipe. Find out what your kids are really interested in and then use that as a basis for study. Have them ‘interview’ their grandparents and then ask them to recount the stories to you, this could help older relatives who are feeling isolated. Let them draw, let them create, let them cut and stick and use their imaginations, this might possibly be a time where you will find out more about your kids than ever before. There are a lot of resources available and it’s easy to feel overwhelmed, so start with an easy plan and go from there.

For older kids online learning is of paramount importance for schools during crisis situations and many online companies are stepping up to this challenge and are offering their resources online for free. Dreambox is offering a free three months trial and Brainpop has added twice the amount of information to each lesson plan as they previously offered especially to assist students during this period.

Ensure that your kids know the digital learning tool they are using and how to make the best of this by setting alerts and notifications and creating note boards to store and maintain notes during virtual discussions. Teachers will all still be taking class attendance, tracking grades and expect tasks to be completed in the same time frame as if students were in-school. A large part of online learning is accountability as online classes require significantly more attention and motivation, try to encourage kids to study at desks or tables rather than just laying comfortably in bed. Try to ensure TVs and other possible distractions are switched off so they don’t have trouble focusing. Remember to stress the importance to older kids to get together and study or socialize to avoid feelings of confinement.

One of the nice features of online learning is that students can be prevented from seeing other students’ responses to questions until they themselves have responded. In some ways, this encourages the less confident students to have the ability to have their voice heard and not have the fear of making a mistake.

If we can all focus on the positive benefits of home and online learning and target what we can gain rather than what we loose, our kids can adapt and learn resilience during these times of uncertainty. Remember plenty of important work and learning can be accomplished virtually – and is every single day.

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Virtual Learning Online Activities Guide

We’ve curated a list of resources below to help parents navigate these new-normal situations and would love to hear from you if you find anything extra we can share within our community.

Last checked: Feb 19, 2024. Availability of the resources below may change at any time. Some may be temporarily unavailable, so try again a few minutes later. Kindly report to us any issues you may encounter.

Black History Month 2024: African American Arts

See also: Humanities

  • National Museum of African American History and Culture Learning TogetherBased on the massive archives of the Museum, the Learning Together series curates elements across interactive sessions touching on topics including identity, culture, activism, STEM, art, and history.
  • 2nd Defend Black Women March — On July 29 to 31, DC’s Malcom X Park (formerly Meridian Hill) will be epicenter of a homage to Black feminists in Latin America and the Caribbean. Defend Black Women is a global call to action to protect Black women, girls, femmes & gender-expansive people across borders. Visit the March portal for tons of resources including organizations, profiles and a reading list.
  • Johns Hopkins Medicine: The Legacy of Henrietta Lacks — Learn all about the incredible HeLa cells, and how the persistence of a black doctor made a medical revolution possible for the world. (Oprah even started on the biopic about her!)
  • 12 Black American Pioneers Who Changed Healthcare (Everyday Health) — Clinicians, researchers, and advocates who championed and advanced medicine.
  • Current black political issues — With a real context to the situations that the afrodescendant community continues to live, so in this web portal you can find information about the dismantling of racism, political and economic development of blacks.
  • Teaching First-Graders About Microaggressions — Use this content in your learning plan, teach your students to understand that microaggressions represent a heavy burden on youth and adolescents and that these aggressions can turn into racism.
  • Black History Facts & Worksheets — Use these worksheets for your classroom lessons, with over 27 fact sheets on information about African American history and the impact they have had on the country. These worksheets contain challenging and engaging activities.
  • BLack History quizzes — Bring fun and competition to the classroom with this series of interactive quizzes containing questions about black history.
  • Coloring drawings — Use these printable worksheets for your students to explore their imaginations as they learn about black history and the different roles African Americans have played in U.S. history.
  • Sesame Street: Celebrate Black History Month Compilation — Show this video to your class, so students can commemorate this month with characters they know and with whom they learn and have fun.
  • History Alive! Coming Home — On February 7 there will be an event about an African American survivor who survived World War II and how he continued the struggle to achieve freedom at home.
  • Black History Every Month: Events That Inspire Action, Education & Connection — In this web portal you will find events related to the commemoration of Black History Month, which will take place during the month of February. You can share these events with your students or even watch them in class.
  • Black History Month Project – Black Pioneers in Medicine — Share this project with your students, they will learn about research and how to do it correctly, how to write texts and also learn about Black pioneers in medicine.

Understanding War and Peace

Finances! Help Them Make Sense Of The Economy

  • Openening a Restaurant With this resource, students will use a list of resources to plan the creation and opening of a restaurant.
  • Money Movers: Engaging Economics for K- 3 Through the use of manipulatives and puzzles, you can teach your students primary concepts of economics.
  • Using Percentage Allocation to Create a Basic Spending and Savings Plan With this resource, you will be able to get your students to develop planning thinking about their savings and spending. Students will also learn about the average wages of occupations so that they can solve equations to develop a personal financial plan.
  • Applying Discounting and Present Bias to Decision Making Take your students through the decision making process by using discounting in everyday activities.
  • Walking on Wall Street Teaches how to establish strategies for making financial decisions, dollar averaging and how investments work.
  • Home Rent vs Buy Calculator Is it better to invest money in real estate or rent a house? Teach your students to know how to invest money from a young age.
  • Peter Pig’s Money counter In this interactive game, children will learn to identify, count and save money, and while having fun, they will learn interesting and relevant facts about the U.S. currency.
  • Wise Pockets Find a resource guide you can rely on to teach children about finances, earning, spending, saving, and even borrowing and lending.
  • Fruit Splat Coins In this attractive and fun game for your students, children will earn a certain amount of coins and then they can shoot the fruits with the amount of coins the game orders.
  • H.I.P Pocket Change Use these games to support your lesson plans, children will play virtually and for free. Where they will learn about currency and finance.
  • Financial Football Teach your students a quick interactive game that educates them about personal finance.
  • Chair the Fair Game Use this useful tool to teach your students about monetary policy.
  • Stock Market Game This game is a great tool to help your students develop a fundamental understanding of economics and also connect your students to virtual investments and real-world learning.
  • Trade Barriers in Today’s World With this teaching guide your students will be able to identify the different types of trade barriers that exist around the world.
  • Tropical Island Resources In this activity your students will explore a tropical island and also categorize different types of resources available.

Digital Life, Privacy, Security and You

See also: Teacher Tools

  • How Normal Am I? This creepy-looking, yet totally safe project supported by the European Union can be a revealing experience regarding your understanding on how privacy online works, and how similar your behavior is to the near million visitors the project has reached. (Spoiler: Open the terms and conditions before agreeing and starting the show.)
  • Passwords Creating secure passwords can be a difficult task for students. So, with this activity you can get your students to start increasing the security of their accounts and social networks by creating secure and hard-to-discover passwords.
  • Phishing and Malware Make your students aware of the most common practices in the digital world. Explain their meaning, and the consequences this could bring them.
  • Locking Down Social Media Create awareness in your students regarding what information they want to share on their social networks and with whom. Privacy in the digital world is important and even more so for children.
  • Who Targets Me? Install The Free Extension To Track Political Ads — Why do I see these ads, you ask? With this free extension you can find out which political ads are targeted to you and expose their effects and protect democracy.
  • Directions To Nowhere With this game of chance you will be able to explore what your students feel, create and navigate in the public space. Just follow the instructions to interact with the environment. Your learners will learn something new that they will even want to share with the class.
  • How secure is your password? — Have you ever wondered how secure your password is? If you are one of those people who prefer to keep your privacy intact, enter your password and check how secure it is and how long it will take a computer to crack it.
  • — Do you know it’s possible that pictures taken by you, or even of you available online, might have been used for the purpose of training image and facial recognition algorithms? This site verifies whether content in your Flickr account has been used, and if it’s on an existing database.
  • EFF’s Cover Your Tracks — Have you noticed how some parts of the things you see online, like ads and recommendations, change according to your navigation history, even across different apps or services, in order to match your interests? This tool by the Electronic Frontier Foundation can tell you how easy it is to track you online through techniques like visible or invisible trackers and fingerprinting.
  • Surveillance Self Defense — A set of guides by EFF explaining how online surveillance works, along with recommended tools. It comes with a list of handy “Security Scenarios” that suggest specific practices according to likely threats for roles such as, LGBTQ+ Youth in an oppressive country, journalist or activist. Have you installed Signal already?
  • EFF Security Education Companion — Digestible lessons for people interested in raising awareness about digital security, privacy and related issues.
  • Blacklight — The websites you use frequently, are you sure they are secure and have structured security policies? Enter an address of any website and Blacklight will do a scan and show you what tracking technologies the website uses. You can also find on Blacklight’s site you can find articles related to privacy related websites and you can even read other people’s opinions.
  • Split Screen: How Different Are Americans’ Facebook Feeds? — How does Facebook manage what you want to see? With a group of panelists from Citizen Browser we can get closer to an answer by comparing information on Facebook from other people around the world.
  • Do You Think You Can Tell How a Neighborhood Voted Just by Looking Around? — The New York Times made a random selection of 10,000 American neighborhoods. Could you guess which ones voted in the last election and for whom?
  • Wojak Paradise — Think of it like as a free and Open Source database and gallery of all kinds of avatars, in meme form.

Open Educational Resources (OER)

  • SUNY Geneseo’s OASIS — Perhaps the most comprehensive OER search engine, indexing more than 388 thousand items between textbooks, courses, interactive simulations, multimedia and more from over 100 sources (including most of this list)
  • The Project Gutenberg Open Audiobook Collection A joint initiative between Project Gutenberg, MIT and Microsoft. More than a thousand open domain items read by the latest, hyperrealistic AI audio available. Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland, Machiavelli’s The Prince, Dostoyevsky’s The Gambler and more formative literature classics are there.
  • Open Library — Find a variety of books on different topics, you can access them for free, you only need to register.
  • Z-Library — In the world’s largest e-book library, access more than 6,688,154 books and 80,759,561 articles as of March 26, 2021.
  • Openverse — Extensive library of free stock photos, images, and audio, available for free use.
  • Mason OER Metafinder (MOM) — Another OER search engine, but unlike OASIS, it does not index items on their database, but instead it queries 21 OER databases (including OASIS) every time you make a query. Definitely more comprehensive, but takes longer to search. Learn more
  • — A digital archive of graphic design related items that are available on the Internet Archives
  • Academic Earth — Selection of free online college courses from top universities
  • OER — The Internet’s library has partnered with top institutions worldwide for a vast repository of multimedia resources.
  • Bookboon Free textbooks for university students selection — Free textbooks, requires login
  • CK-12 — Free, highly flexible resources paired with the company’s classroom insights platform.
  • COERLL — Center for Open Educational Resources and Language Learning by The University of Texas at Austin
  • COOL4Ed — The California Open Online Library for Education
  • Creative Commons Search — Iconic open licensing and copyleft organization, with a search engine of CC-licensed images
  • — Library, activity explorer and content studio
  • DigitalCommons by Utah State University and USU University Libraries
  • Directory of Open Access Books — Selection of academic titles
  • EDSITEment! — A humanities-focused portal from the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH), featuring multimedia and hypertext resources.
  • GoOpen Resource Library — Free and open content from a partnership between the U.S. Department of Education and Silicon Valley non-profit ISKME
  • — Thousands of educational videos from the NROC Project.
  • Junction Education — Free, adaptive courseware. Analytics and LMS integration services fund their OER development
  • Project Gutenberg — More than 60,000 public domain eBooks
  • Saylor Academy — Free, self-paced courses in High School and Higher Ed subjects
  • Smithsonian Learning Lab — Distance learning resources for K-12 audiences in English and Language, History and Social Sciences, and Spanish, in addition to Bilingual resources and special groups (Caregivers, Lifelong learners)
  • SolutionsU* Journalism Teaching Collections — A selection of stories and journalism education tools
  • Standard Ebooks — Producer of high-quality ebooks from public domain resources. Excellent source of classical literature
  • Lumen Learning — A private organization committed to develop quality, interactive materials accessible to all. Much like other open source models, the content is free, while support fees fund their development
  • Merlot — Curated online materials and content creation tools
  • GALILEO Open Learning Materials — Repository is administrated by Affordable Learning Georgia, an initiative of GALILEO and the University System of Georgia
  • BCcampus OpenEd — Catalog from BCcampus, public organization that supports post-secondary institutions in British Columbia
  • MIT Open Courseware — The legendary university compendium of fully free courses
  • OER Commons — Perhaps the largest coalition of OER, featuring hubs, microsites and professional development opportunities. Also maintained by ISKME.
  • OER Project — A curated portal of high-quality materials focused on history and social sciences, currently featuring two courses: Big History Project and World History Project
  • OERu — The “OER University” offers a series of courses and microcourses, including those that would allow you to achieve a purely OER-based, 1-year Certificate Higher Education Business (CertHE)
  • OER World Map — A map-view of some OER around the world, being built by hbz and graphthinking GmbH in association with The Open University in the UK
  • OLI: Carnegie Mellon Open Learning Initiative — A “learning engineering” initiative from CMU with free content designed according to “learning science research”
  • OpenLearn by The Open University — Thousands of full courses, videos and interactive materials from Open University, the world’s largest online open university
  • Open Textbook Library — Supported by the University of Minnesota, it gathes OER from across the cybersphere submitted by users.
  • Open Course Library — Catalog by the Washington State Board for Community and Technical Colleges
  • OpenCulture 1,500 Free Online Courses from Top Universities — As its name implies, the independent portal of free educational content keeps track of free access courses on a single page, easy to search. Don’t miss their free movies and free language lessons.
  • Orange Grove Texts Plus (OGT+) — Collection from the University Press of Florida and LibraryPress at UF
  • OpenStax — One of the most popular OER portals out there, this Rice University project has set up a series of partnerships to deliver high-quality, peer-reviewed materials that are constantly updated.
  • OpenTextBookStore — A novel approach to OER collections. As per their description: “Instead of finding a list of 500+ books, you’ll find a short list of books we feel are really adoptable and ready to use in a college classroom.” It is technically a bookstore: You can get a digital version of the item, or purchase the physical volume if you feel particularly supportive.
    • MyOpenMath — A companion to OpenTextbookStore, with supplementary packets and self-study courses featuring online interactive homeworks.
  • Open Yale Courses — Free and open access to a selection of course resources. No registration required.
  • PBS Learning Media and its PreK-12 Resources for New School Routines — Lessons and planning kits from the popular education network, easy to save and share to Google Classroom
  • Plymouth State OPENCoLabLive — A collection of resources from the Open Learning & Teaching Collaborative at Plymouth
  • Project CORA — The Community of Online Research Assignments offers curated resources by librarians —objectively the coolest people on earth— assorted by discipline, and featuring a leaderboard and a catalogue of extra resources.
  • SkillsCommons — Workforce oriented OER from the U.S. Department of Labor
  • — Resources made by universities from around the world
  • TeachOER — Independent OER catalog, supported and maintained through the Center for Teaching and Learning at Baruch College, City University of New York
  • TEDEd — Lessons and series
  • UNF Thomas G. Carpenter Library — University of North Florida’s repository of digital resources, owned and accessible from partners.
  • WatchKnowLearn — 50,000 educational video search engine, easy to sort and filter and associated with Common Core standards
  • World Digital Library — Historical primary resources from all over the world, sorted in timelines (some items date from 8000 BCE), from the Library of Congress and UNESCO
  • LibriVox — Free public domain audiobooks

Resources to help spread the word and usage on OER

Free Academic & Curricular Content — General

  • DESSA Social Emotional Learning (SEL) Resources for parents, families and educators, focus on students’ abilities related to understanding and managing their emotions, take responsibility, orient their behavior towards their goals and navigate challenges with optimism.
  • Activities of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games Let your students practice writing kanji, and common and useful phrases in the Japanese language with a KS2 kids activity pack containing information, activities and a quiz on the 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games. You can even encourage your students to participate in the mascot design contest. Registration is open until September 5th of this year. If you want to know more, click here.
  • 350 Global Trainings Find here resources for educators, tools that can work for you when teaching your class, either face-to-face or virtual. Learn how to share knowledge effectively with leadership and conducting workshops.
  • Mongols in World History It is fun for children to learn about what happened when they did not exist and it is even more attractive to learn about something that happened in other parts of the world, so as a suggestion, add to your curriculum the teaching of the history of the Mongols and the history of Asia.
  • Kialo Edu Use this tool to teach and develop the critical thinking of your students through the creation of debates in the classroom, these debates are graphical as conceptual maps which show the pros and cons and the argumentation.
  • Coblis- Color Blindness Simulator An invitation to empathy, if you or your students do not have any ocular deficiency and it is difficult to imagine how a color blind person sees, you can bridge that gap with this simulator.
  • Teach American History Let your students take a trip back in time, with information, documents and even debates that have occurred throughout American history.
  • Teach SDGs (link not secure) Want to start making a change with your students? Education is one of the driving forces to eradicate poverty and increase sustainability around the world, so promote human rights in your classroom.
  • Progressive Accessibility Find innovative solutions for web accessibility, create STEM material for an interactive, fun and accessible learning experience for your students.
  • Schoolhouse A different platform for teachers, this virtual tutoring platform with people around the world can support your children’s education.
  • Khan Academy Kids Find support resources to teach your younger students, you can download activities or teach them how to use the platform to explore a new virtual educational world.
  • Read Along by Google. An early access, Android-exclusive app to help children practice their reading skills using voice recognition.
  • Amplify Free Resources. Self-guided video lessons, games and read alouds are available for kids on K-8.
  • BBC Bitesize. Daily lessons on Maths, English, Science, History, Geography and much more, for Primary, Secondary, career and educators.
  • Apple App Store Learn and Study From Home This application is available for iOS devices (iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad) Users can buy or download free educational applications that are available in the store such as Duolingo, Google Classroom, Coursera, Classkick and countless educational applications that facilitate and motivate learning without needing to leave home
  • Khan Academy for home learning Focused on autonomous learning is a free and useful resource for schools, teachers and students. For students who do not have a laptop, you can access it through the website, or download the application available in  App Store and Play Store.
  • Sesame Street in Communities Through its website with bilingual multimedia methods, available for children from birth to six years (a stage that is important for brain development). The multimedia tools involve common situations, which are lived on a daily basis including topics such as mathematics, literacy, and topics such as food can also be seen, aiming at the favorable impact on the lives of the learners.
  • DreamBox Learning Transform the way the world learns through a new technology called “Intelligent Adaptive Learning ™” that is combined with a study guide and teaching methodologies for learners. This website motivates your students to learn by playing, watching videos, and they will give them the skills to think and solve common problems. If you want to buy this product, you must register, the services offered are successful.
  • Scholastic Learn at Home Scholastic Learn at Home offers 20 totally different free learning days. Designed for students who cannot attend a school, in addition to the current situation with the COVID-19, sessions have the option of being given by assigned teachers, parents, or leaving the apprentice autonomously, available on any device, students must have internet for email communication, or web searches.
  • Cambridge University Press Textbooks The university offers a website in which it shares its textbooks, available to all audiences, (click on the title will automatically take you) Several students can obtain the same resource at the same time, without inconvenience. The books have updated editions, that is, students can acquire current information. Users can enter the website and save their search, and then access another day with ease. The textbooks are bibliographically referenced, Open URL and linked with CrossRef.
  • Worldbook Online (requires registration) Available anytime, anywhere, at school and at home. World book online contains countless informative articles, interactive maps, illustrations and videos that can help an investigation, project or activities. It helps its users of all ages to find the right type of information and with a suitable reading level.
  • Twinkl To help those who teach, Twinkl adds support content for teachers or parents every day to its platforms, the content is made by teachers and can be used by anyone who wants to educate and wants to learn. Twinkl parents is a learning product for parents who want to support their children in their learning process, you can find interactive videos, games and worksheets to do at home.
  • Storyplace Digital learning library for children. Storyplace offers a different experience when going to the library, participating in the same activities that it proposes in its physical spaces. You can visit the website, you will find countless interactive books and preschool activities, educational videos about risk situations that can happen at any time, the site also contains information on early literacy.
  • Storyline Storyline is a free literacy site where famous actors stream videos reading children’s books along with creative illustrations. Each book published on the website contains a study plan created by a teacher, in order to strengthen what has been learned in reading so that it can be applied in everyday life. This product is used by teachers and nurses at children’s hospitals, it has been proven that when reading aloud to children, they develop writing, reading, communication and concentration skills.
  • Common Lit Reading comprehension portal, Common lit is a website where you can find literary and informative texts, they are completely free. This platform is used by teachers to assign literacy activities to their students, which are done by teachers. Anyone can enter the website and register for free, the results are effective.
  • Illustrative Mathematics It is an organization that seeks to make its apprentices know, use and enjoy mathematics. It also offers its students a professional and certified learning experience. The best way to learn through curricula, activities, study plans and evaluations so that there is an improvement in education in the mathematical field.
  • Switcheroo Zoo Have fun while you learn, this website offers its visitors for free a virtual trip to the zoo, plus you can be the creator of the animals and play with them. With more than 142 species you can learn through music made with animal sounds and watch videos. Switcheroo Zoo is available as an application in versions like iOs and Android.
  • Fun Brain A free educational games site where children learn while having fun. With more than 59 games on its platform, books, comics and educational videos, with them the learners can develop skills for math, reading, and how to solve problems.Used in schools and at home, so that children reinforce their knowledge and also learn to put it into practice.
  • Nat Geo for Kids. Fun interactivity, amazing pictures of nature, videos and a wonderful animal catalog are waiting for you.
  • PBS Kids It has more than 200 games on its platform, which can be downloaded and played without having an internet connection anywhere, if it is preferred that the apprentice requests a teacher, the platform will assign it. Anyone who wants to use this website and application can do so, all they need to do is have a mobile phone. Also the platform has PBS Kids where parents look for videos, games, tools to support healthy habits based on the age of their children.
  • Into the Book Website that offers its visitors a free package of different tools with which you can improve your reading comprehension and critical thinking skills in English and Spanish. There you can find the student section, where there is a series of interactive activities for reading comprehension, then in the teachers section, videos, guides and study plans. You can find short videos that teach how to be a critical reader.
  • Star Fall A place where a child learns about reading and also about math while having fun. You can visit the site on your mobile by downloading the application, or entering the website, there you will find English study plans, and arts for kindergarten children, and for prekindergarten children, a plan developed based on their age.
  • Seussville An exclusive section for parents who are looking for activities such as crafts, recipes, guides, quality images for coloring in which your child learns while having fun. Your children can have fun and entertain themselves watching the animations of the characters created by Dr. Seus, you can also have a leisure time with games that are on the platform.
  • ABC Ya With more than 400 educational games for children who are studying from pre kindergarten to 6th, parents can accompany the child’s learning process through activities designed for them and also for teachers which have conditions such as having fun, because it is obvious that our children love to have fun and they better do it while they learn. The website has two versions, free and premium.
  • Highlights Kids That the creations of experiences involve the motivation for a joyful learning. A different and complete experience for your children, on the website you can find, games, puzzles, activities, topics that can interest any child, they can learn about dinosaurs, science and the work that firefighters do, also on YouTube you can find educational and fun podcasts for your children to develop their imagination while they learn.
  • Go Noodle Now your children and students can learn through short interactive activities. For free, teachers can plan their classes and activities using this website, through attractive tools for children between prekindergarten and 5th. The activities last a maximum of 20 minutes, the activities motivate your children to learn and stay active.
  • Cosmic Yoga Different ways in which your children can meditate and relax. With Cosmic Yoga more than a million children do mindfulness and yoga by watching the Cosmic kids YouTube channel. There you can find therapies in which your child can de-stress in order to be active and focused for their pending activities.
  • Story Box Library Reading aloud, an experience that improves children’s lives. Educational website where you find a series of books by local authors and illustrators narrated by different people for your children to listen to reading to your child aloud improves their language and literacy skills that is why you can lean on Story Box Library so that your child is attracted to reading and develops his imagination.
  • Zearn Learn without the need to leave your home, with approximately 400 hours of digital classes for children who attend pre-kindergarten through 5th, with on-screen teachers willing to teach for free, you just need to have a personal account. Parents can also access the content available on the platform and print material for activities.
  • Ivy League MOOCs (Class Central) Find on the platform a list of online courses rated by users. Most of the courses listed are free courses offered by universities. You can find courses on any subject, in the catalog you can find the course that meets your expectations, you can also review the history of courses you have taken and also read the reviews that users have written, follow university subjects and organize your learning process.
  • Interactive Lesson Plans and Activities (The Tech Interactive) Find guides and activities that parents or teachers can adapt so that their children learn from home. At Teach Interactive you can find a variety of activities for children of any grade and subjects. Parents can find a guide and suggestions for adapting learning at home, teachers can also find a teacher’s guide so that their education methodology can be applied to new technologies.
  • BrainPop classroom resources Your child learning while watching an animated movie, exploring creative tools, interactive quizzes, and didactic assessments is what has made BrainPop position itself as a website where thousands of children have invested their time to learn. As a student, you can request a support teacher or do it independently, what you need is a computer with an internet connection for communication and the development of activities.
  • Boom Cards Activities where children self-evaluate and give the results that teachers want learn from interactive lessons created by teachers for your child to learn effectively, teachers use this method of lessons as games keep children active, interested and motivated to learn more. Parents can also use this platform for learning at home, a new lesson is posted on the website every week.
  • Common Sense Media Free Apps for Kids On this site you can find a list of free applications for your children, applications from which you can be sure that your children will learn. Some have purchases within the App, for that reason in the list are the ones that have been rated with the highest number, they are also fun for your children to play, entertain themselves and learn.
  • Thai Learning Support your learning through Thai Learning. There you can find different topics such as mathematics, science, art, languages among other subjects, when you select what you want to learn, the page redirects you to a section where you can find games, videos, pages with fully educational and interactive content, available to all ages. You can support your knowledge through Thai Learning.
  • Smile and Learn More than 5,000 activities for ages 3 to 12 years aligned with the study plans. With learning methodologies approved and used by more than two thousand schools, Smile and learn has its educational content available in 5 languages, Spanish, English, French, Italian and Portuguese. Parents can be part of the educational process of their children through a guide provided by the platform.
  • Last Days Poems For Students  If you are an educator and classes are ending, send an emotional poem to your students, find the poem in the presentation (click on the link). There is also a cute and interesting poem for parents. 
  • HomeLiteracy Find resources for parents and educators, strengthen and maintain the learning process of your children or students from home.

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Arts & Crafts

  • EarSketch. A Georgia Tech project that combines coding with music production.
  • Origami Grid Drawing (No Ruler) with Endangered Species Grid drawing is a popular technique to learn in the art classroom, but with online learning children can discover their artistic skills through this activity.
  • The Lost Mummy Play-At-Home Escape Room Kit Engage children in a fun Egyptian adventure with activities such as puzzles, maps and guides that will spark your students’ imaginations. Just download the activity, print it and customize it for your players.
    Use promo code escapewithlmspulse for 30% off on any of Lock Paper Scissors’ Escape Room Kits. Active until September 2, 2021.
  • Blueprint for Crafting your first DIY Escape Room Following this guide, you will be able to create from scratch your first scape room to play and have fun in the classroom.
  • Magical DIY Escape Room Kits Transform your classroom into a fun and interesting place for your students, using a game kit ready for your students to play. Just choose the kit that fits the lesson you want to teach.
  • #metkids An initiative of the New York Met to approach students with the Museum’s collections through creations made by students themselves.
  • Academy of Art University online events and Virtual Open House. The famous academy in San Francisco has a continuous schedule of performances, talks and academic events. Specially recommended for the older ones wondering what art school is like.
  • Learn to draw Disney characters A video playlist featuring real Disney animators showing off their craft and teaching how to draw your favorite Disney characters. ( — in Thai)
  • Fender Play Get a 50% discount on your annual virtual learning plan. Using your computer, tablet or cell phone, the best way to learn is by playing the songs you like, with short sessions and good quality videos, the tutors are world-class professionals.
  • Free drawing and art classes Find creative rest in times of confinement. Famous illustrators have decided to give virtual drawing classes for adults and children with the aim that people occupy their minds during the pandemic, also what better than to exploit your imagination and your skills from the comfort of your home.
  • Free Coloring Pages (Crayola) Create and learn from home, on this page you can find different high quality drawings available for printing. Parents can find categories of pictures suitable for their children to color and have fun.
  • #ColorOurCollections Download thousands of coloring book pages from museum and library collections. While you color these collections, you learn about culture, history and the topics that most attract your attention.  (My Modern Met)
  • Room on the Broom and The Gruffalo coloring pages (Pan Macmillan) Download activities and coloring sheets, keep your children entertained with the content of these charming and fantastic stories.
  • GoldieBlox STEM at Home. Your girls and boys do not have to have a 3D printer to become Makers. Experiment with LEDs, make a mermaid shell phone cases, sparkling soap or donuts, following on GoldieBlox’s mission to challenge gender stereotypes and promote Science, Technology, Engineering and Math subjects and careers in girls.
  • Make your own origami inspired by Japanese prints. (The British Museum) Build artistic works inspired by Japanese prints with your own hands. If you are looking to distract your mind during confinement, this is an ideal activity, following the steps in the videos you can create different and creative objects
  • Sesame Street Caring for Each Other Support the educational activities that you have for your children with Sesame Street, have fun while you learn, and occupy your mind in fun activities, games, videos and more for your children.
  • 101 FUN Things to do in Isolation ( Do you notice that your children get bored during confinement? Here you will find different ideas of educational and fun activities for your children to be distracted, everything is at your fingertips if you are at home.
  • Microsoft Office Family Activities and templates  Microsoft offers you a series of activities that you can develop with your children, friends or family and take advantage of this time of pandemic. 
  • Seussville An exclusive section for parents who are looking for activities such as crafts, recipes, guides, quality images for coloring in which your child learns while having fun.
  • COVID-19 Time Capsule. (LONG Creations)  Always look for the good side of situations, share with your child a fun time drawing and recreating the situations that have most marked the pandemic, and keep them in the time capsule, so that later in a few years, we can remember what we experienced.
  • Can you build an indoor mini golf course? It’s a lot easier and more fun than you might think! Perfect for developing critical thinking skills in ages 2 to 6. (Learn As You Play)
  • Ice lolly recipes for kids. Healthy, delicious and child-proof, these delights are perfect for Bangkok’s perennial summer. Yes, there’s a mango lolly recipe 😋 (BBC Good Food)
  • Virtual Memory Books Download this emotional and creative template, so that your children or students create a memory in funny images or figures, and they can also share the slides with friends or study colleagues, and have fun from a distance.
  • School Memories Slideshow Explore your imagination creating different, creative and eye-catching slides for your class or school activities, capturing images and drawings that remind you of the greatest things that you have experienced in the year. Log in to see the different templates.
  • Art Camp: Draw & Paint Cute Animals Wearing Flower Crowns In this 5-day virtual camp, learn to draw any animal, but with one exception, they must wear a flower crown on their head.
  • Kids Art & Craft Find different manual and artistic activities for your students and children to develop in their free time.
  • A Continually Updated List of Ukraine’s Most Significant Cultural Sites Damaged Amid Russia’s Invasion — Go to Understanding War and Peace

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Sciences & Space

  • PhET Interactive Simulations The massively popular repository of math, physics, chemistry, biology and earth sciences simulations by UC Boulder, founded by Nobel Prize winning scientists. More than 100 simulations in 121 languages, included accessible experiences.
  • The Nebraska Astronomy Applet Project More than a dozen introductory-level simulations including models of the solar system, sky rotation, motions and orbits, lunar phases, atmosphere, eclipses and more.
  • Foothill College AstroSims An active project featuring an astronomical perspective on light and matter, stars, galaxies and even astrobiology.
  • Bringing the solar system to life in 3D with NASA. This project from Google offers various visualizations for space, some of then in augmented reality. (Google)
  • NASA Exoplanet Archive With this archive of exoplanets you can make your students fall in love with astronomy. You can find an online stellar catalog of astronomical exoplanets that collects and correlates data and information about exoplanets and their stars. The website provides tools to work with this data in ypour class.
  • Neuroglancer Find a small sample of human brain tissue, take your students on a thorough tour of the body, more specifically the brain.
  • OneZoom: Flavobacterium soli A tree for discovering life, just zoom in to learn about the different types of bacteria, in which organisms they are found and how they occur.
  • International Commission on Stratigraphy Take your students on a historical journey through rocks, teach them how history can be known through the study of rocks.
  • Watch “NASA’s Black Hole Field Guide: Episode 1 – Basic Black Holes” watch this useful video to learn the basics about these strange cosmic objects, if you are looking for black holes, learn what a black hole is and how it works. Watch the full video.
  • Mars Helicopter – NASA Mars Ingenuity is a helicopter on Mars, sent there as a technology demonstration to test controlled and powered flight on another world for the first time.
  • NASA’s Perseverance Rover Gives High-Definition Panoramic View of Landing Site Mastcam-Z 360-degree panorama: This is the first 360-degree panorama taken by Mastcam-Z, a pair of zoom cameras aboard NASA’s Perseverance Mars rover. The panorama was pieced together on Earth from 142 individual images taken on Sol 3, the third Martian day of the mission.
  • NASA’s Perseverance Rover Microphone Captures Sounds from Mars This is the first time a Mars rover has been equipped with a microphone, the ensemble of sounds from the surface of Mars was recorded by the microphone on the side of NASA’s Perseverance Rover on February 20, 2021.
    Mars Rover Landing crash course two days left! There are two days until the Mars rover lands on the red planet, learn why the rover was sent and what it will do in this unknown land, watch the video!
  • Watch NASA’s Perseverance Rover Land on Mars! Be part of the landing that many people in the world expected, you can see it live by clicking the link.
  • Mission to Mars student challenge Take your students or children on a stellar journey an incredible landing, join more than 600,000 students from all over the world, you can also look at the schedule of activities, sign up for this experience.
  • Eyes Nasa Mars 2020-2021 See in real time, the course in space and the landing with coordinates, speed and altitude of the rover Perseverance with pre-landing simulation.
  • Spin the rover Perseverance around in 3D Explore the 3D visualization of the Mars Perseverance rover, yu cans also learn about the rover’s components with their specific information.
  • NASA Games and Interactives Inspire and educate. Find a variety of topics related to space, studies made on the Moon, Earth and Mars. You can also find news about innovative creations to send into space, high-quality images and all the missions that have been completed.
  • Mystery Science Complete lessons with activity to reinforce the learning of your child or student, created by experts with the aim of making them easy to understand and apply in class and at home. Available for grades kindergarten through 5th.
  • Virtual Tour of Mars and Virtual planet tours Know the surface of Mars and the information that has been discovered thanks to Curiosty Rover. You can also tour the moon, and the planets that are part of our solar system, take a tour of the space station, all from your home.
  • Virtual Solar System Tour Take a tour of the solar system, finding on each planet specific information about its structure, including the moon and the sun. Discover which stars are close to us and analyze the constellations.
  • Colonial Williamsburg Education Resource Library Learn about American history with videos, interactive lessons, web activities, you can search by time, years, topic and subjects.
  • Ask an Anthropologist Online educational resources that provide thought-provoking videos, experiments and activities.
  • The Magic School Bus Science Camp Participate in a 3 week camp, where you can explore the great world of science with incredible experiments.
  • Introduction to Anatomy – Build a Play-Doh Digestive System Students will build a Play-doh Digestive System model and learn fun facts the human body.
  • Nasa Science Mars Participate in the final descent of NASA’s Mars Perseverance rover, learn about the different ways to be part of this wonderful moment.

Nature, Environment & Society

  • Data Nuggets A “data nugget” brings real natural experiences, visualization tools, scientific data, supporting resources and rubric-oriented guides. Find an extensive list of nuggets in a searchable and sortable list including level, keywords and geographical location.
  • Virtual Pig Dissection Whitman College Biology Department presents a basic, clear virtual lab experience to introduce mammal physiology and anatomy. Each chapter focuses on a different system and a quiz at the end is included.
  • The Blood Typing Game This award-winning simulation explains what blood types are, how to determine a given person’s type and how to properly match donor and patient.
  • Learn.Genetics Understand basic genetics, epigenetics as well as the dynamics of the cell, DNA and metabolism. In addition, understand things like genetic disorders and the role of the ecology. Aimed at various levels of difficulty.
  • HHMI BioInteractive Over 100 simulations let you explore nature topics, associated with U.S. standards curricula.
  • Virtual Scanning Electron Microscopy This magnification technique represents a leap forward in our ability to study and research microbiology. Start by choosing a sand star, bullet ant or any of the dozen samples available. How much can you magnify it without losing focus?
  • Bacteriology Laboratory Maintained by Michigan State, this portal introduces you to common lab procedures used to identify and analyze bacteria.
  • Labster 30-day trial of over 300 samples of virtual labs across subjects and levels.
  • Weather, Climate and Climate Change With the content of this PDF you can base your lessons on climate change awareness. In addition, students will be able to identify important connections between environmental issues and their individual actions.
  • Columbia Basin Climate Resource Teach your students how climate change will affect individual communities; impacts to the regional economy, nature, infrastructure and quality of life. And also with this activity you can show what actions are being taken to avoid climate change.
  • Wildlife Habitat Bring your students closer to the natural world and the species that inhabit it. Through this video, your students will learn about the different habitats of each species.
  • How To Make Paper With this video, your students will learn the entire papermaking process. They will also learn how to make their own paper.
  • National Geographic Kids In a remote class, or in person with the support of computers or tablets, you can let your students discover data that they once did not know about their planet.
  • Live webcams including wildlife & Northern Lights Find more than 200 original films and documentaries and photographs from around the world, the lands, their nature and animals. Share these movies with your students. Take them to the world of nature.
  • Primary Sciences These open access folders are educational resources with educational activities for students. Suitable for any age
  • GrowEatGift Find 30 activities available for your students to do during class or in their free time. These activities involve nature, but also encourage your children’s creativity.
  • Nature detective equipment Find here different activities that involve mental awareness, recycling and getting to know a little bit about nature that your students can do with just one download
  • #NatureForAll Foster a love of nature and an interest in learning about the environment, and connect your students to the world of nature through videos, activities, pictures, comics and books.
  • Earth School TEDEd’s Earth School is an experience you should definitely share with your students. It’s 30 days of nature-specific content and environmental adventures for any age.
  • Green School Change the perspective of education with this course for educators to promote and enhance the sustainability of the world’s natural resources.
  • Earth How Have you ever wondered how oxygen filled the atmosphere? Learn what the earth was like before population and how oxygenation works to keep us alive.
  • Distance Learning | The Center for Birds of Prey Live broadcasts, or on the youtube channel, learn through a guide of activities proposed by the center to enjoy your time at home.
  • The Center For Birds Of Prey Through education, research and conservation initiatives you can learn to address and identify environmental problems affecting birds giving you the ability to provide medical care.
  • NASA Precipitation Education. Understand Rain, Weather, Climate and the applications of satellite mapping on agriculture and natural research.
  • NatGeo @ Home. Who said family expeditions mean you must go to the Serengeti? Fun, educational and inspiring adventures to fit in your schedule. Happy Pet Week!
  • Jane Goodall’s Roots & Shoots. The world’s most beloved chimpanzee expert presents a delightful and inspirational portal aimed to educate, entertain, and encourage the next generation of nature lovers.
  • James and the Giant Peach family activity sheets (Forestry England) Download activities related to the famous story “James and the Giant Peach” where you and your children can have fun while your children learn about nature and animals.
  • Sierra Club The John Muir Exhibit Learn to look through the eyes of John Muir. Find resources to strengthen your learning, as well as find collections from the Pacific University library, and have John Muir’s writings available to you.
  • EstuaryLIVE Learn through live broadcasts, on the YouTube channel Stuary TV live follow the rain courses even analyze upcoming hurricanes and cyclones.
  • Arctic Blast 2001 – An online Classroom Dogsled Expedition Experience a different adventure exploring the arctic areas, accompanied by husky dogs, polar bears and freezing temperatures. Discover the ecosystem of the animals that live there. Live this experience at home, learn as you go along.
  • Kiva U. These exercises will teach your children more about world issues like global poverty, refugees, food safety, clean water, entrepreneurship, the value of family, financial inclusion and more.
  • WildEarth safariLIVE. Take a tour of the African jungle from the comfort of your home, interact with rangers in real time. Drones, safaris, guides in search of the wonderful nature and those who inhabit it. Organize your time to do part of the safaris at dawn and at dusk, enter and check the schedules.
  • Coloring Nature For children and adults you will find more than 500 pages to color, while your children color and learn about animals and their parts.
  • Kidcitizien Teach your children through videos how the congress works and what the facilities are like, what civic participation is like.
    Science Action Club Bring your students and children closer to nature and science, through these incredible and fun activities to explore and learn.

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See also: PhET

  • Pineapple Math In this printable worksheet, children can solve two-digit addition problems. If children finish correctly, they will find a sweet reward at the end, pineapples!
  • Kids Word Problems Engages the imagination with mathematics. With this worksheet, you can offer your students problems with zoo animals and sums. While doing this activity, students will feel like they are at the zoo as they solve math problems.
  • Multiplication Crossword Puzzle Let your students practice multiplication tables while developing logical thinking. With this printable support your students will be able to practice the topics seen in class in a different way, by means of a crossword puzzle.
  • Food Math Play with food the smart way! Take your students to an imaginary world, with this worksheet students will prepare and plan a menu for a hungry bear. Students will have to use conversion guidelines to determine the correct amounts.
  • Probability of an event Use this resource to support your class lesson on probability. It is a lesson for students who have no prior knowledge. Use the visual material, YouTube videos and the examples.
  • Math Fact Relationship between addition and subtraction, With colors and shapes, it helps children to establish a connection between addition and subtraction.
  • Rounding around the world How to round numbers. With this worksheet your students can learn how to round numbers by exploring their imagination.
  • Multiplication Grid It uses as a support a multiplication grid, fun for its bright colors, the grid has multiplications up to 15×15.
  • Maths Symbolic Aphabet Impart creativity and attention to your students by teaching them to make and design the mathematical alphabet made of symbols.
  • DreamBox Learning Math That your students do not see mathematics as a boring subject, teach them a different and fun way to learn this great science.
  • Get More Math-Base Math Practice and Retention Program Available to teachers and grade 3rd students thru high school completely free, an easy-to-use and easy-to-understand tool. Motivate your students to learn!
  • Wooth Math An educational tool that allows learners to develop and learn at their own pace, achieving fluency to develop mathematical problems that involve numerical data.
  • Cignition Math Access a tutorial plan to facilitate the learning of mathematics, available for students, with certified teachers throughout the country.
  • Renaissance Educational digital solutions for teachers, students and parents anywhere in the world. Find different resources on the website to facilitate learning from home.
  • eSpark Learn at home through activities suitable for the educational level of the student, find games and videos that support the development of skills of the learner.
  • Stem Challenge Club Develop and practice your continuous engineering skills to solve problems using magnetic tiles (Magnetic Tiles) ages 4-7.
  • Memorize Multiplication With Songs You’ve Heard 1,000 Times Each week, in this continuous course you will learn and memorize multiplication tables with the help of musical rhythms.

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  • Davidson College Virtual Chemistry ExperimentsInteractive web-based chemistry tutorials that simulate experiments or depict molecular and atomic structure. The tutorials involve the reader in making observations and acquiring data, and then using this information to draw conclusions and infer chemical principles.
  • ChemReaX: Chemical Reaction Simulator ChemReaX is a web app for modeling and simulating basic chemical reactions. It is intended for chemistry students and their teachers at the undergraduate and high school levels. Users can run a nearly unlimited variety of virtual chemical reactions and perform what-if experiments.
  • Royal Society of Chemistry Screen ExperimentsResources for conducting virtual chemistry experiments organized around themes. The current theme is “Seasons”, investigating the chemistry that gives each season its distinct characteristics.
  • ChemCollective Virtual LabsCollection of virtual labs that cover nearly the entire range of experiments used in high school and college general chemistry. It is designed to help students link chemical computations with authentic laboratory chemistry.
  • ChemSims Features simulations and screencasts to help students develop particle-level understanding of equilibrium.
  • PraxiLabs: Test for Sulphite Radical Virtual Lab Simulation Learn how to define and differentiate between sulfite ions and other acid radicals. The simulation covers the detection of the presence of sulfite ion as an acid radical in inorganic salts such as potassium sulfite.
  • Learn.Genetics: Basic GeneticsEngaging, multimedia educational materials, offering a wealth of information on genetics, including DNA, genes, chromosomes, proteins, traits, and heredity.
  • AACT Classroom ResourcesA selection by the American Association of Chemistry Teachers, freely available to the chemistry education community.
  • CheMagic A variety of resources, including a virtual model kit, chemistry demonstration videos, and chemistry essays. It also features a section dedicated to bird photography.
  • ChemClub ThemesResources for chemistry clubs including seasons, holidays, technology, planet earth, entertainment, food, health, and creativity.
  • Curricula Overview – Molecular Explorations Take your students on a biomolecular adventure. These curriculum modules will help your students develop basic science learning skills. They are existing public resources developed by scientists, doctors and educators with authentic data.
  • Molecular Explorations Through Biology- Paper Models With this guide to paper models of molecular structures of diseases, take your students on an exploration into the world of proteins and nucleic acids and how they work for biomedical and agricultural purposes. Encouraging creativity and imagination as well.
  • Chemistry Progressive Accessibility Solutions A different way of looking at chemistry for students, it converts diagrams of chemical molecules into data files, also directly translates diagrams and images fully accessible from the web.
  • Janine the tutor Find tutorials specialized in mathematics and chemistry completely free, book your session on-line.
  • Chemix Lab Do laboratory experiments from home, with this online laboratory simulator, recreate the environment of a real laboratory to create experiments and perform laboratory reports.
  • Allery chemistry Learn chemistry virtually, watching the videos available on the yotube channel for free.
  • Labster fully interactive virtual science lab simulations are designed to stimulate students’ natural curiosity and highlight the connection between science and the real world. Students perform realistic lab experiments, learn key scientific concepts, and practice their skills in a fun, risk-free virtual learning environment.

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  • QPlayLearn Play with waves… wait, are those particles? Quantum Physics, Measurement and a “Quantum State Quest” will give you time, space and mind-bending hours of fun as you dive into the inner working of the smallest building blocks of nature. That we know of.
  • Quantum Flytrap. Another quantum game to familiarize yourself with superposition, entanglement and other spooky dualities.
  • The SIX Noble Gases | The Periodic Table Download this PDF for free and use it as a support to teach the noble gases and to teach what the periodic table is composed of.
  • ClassHook Helps you increase student engagement using short, educational scenes from popular TV shows and movies. Whether you’re in-person, hybrid, or remote teaching this year, it’s easy to find the perfect clip for your next lesson in just a few minutes.
  • Flipping Physics Flipping Physics is a free, entertaining and real physics educational videos for anyone to use to learn physics and, more specifically, for teachers to use to flip their students’ learning.
  • Positive Physics Free teacher and student subscriptions for the remainder of the school year! The site is designed to be accessible to students of any background.
  • The Physics Classroom A full-service physics website for teachers and students. Resources include an easy-to-understand Tutorial, a large collection of interactive simulations of Physics concepts (Physics Interactives)
  • Virtual Physics Laboratory With 3D animations, live the experience of being in the laboratory from your home, experiment, do science projects and laboratory reports without any risk.
  • The Physics Aviary Learn through physical problems, games, videos and activities that allow you to develop your skills in the field.

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Computer Science

  • Teach Data Science Bring data science into your classroom. Suitable for K-12. Normalizes data science through fun and engaging lessons, games and interactive activities to teach differently.
  • Duckduck Moose Find different educational apps that make your students feel attracted and engaged to learn. Through these apps and activities encourage your students’ creativity and imagination.
  • Help a Computer Win a Legends Contest Each week an experiment is conducted to see if an artificial intelligence program is capable of producing real humor.
  • Through these free live instructor-led sessions, students can observe robots being built and learn skills that teach computer science, IT, mechanical engineering, and robotics.
  • CodeHS pro A comprehensive platform for teaching computer science in middle school and high school that provides full curriculum, software, and training.
  • Codelicius Find a full-year computer science curriculum, free resources included with Codelicious curriculum empower any teacher to teach computer science.
  • Coding for Kids For parents find a guide to core computer science concepts, with learning activities to accompany our award-winning Detective Dot adventure book.
  • Computational CT-STEM A free library of web-based curricula aligned to the Next Generation Science Standards that engage teachers and high school students in computer-based investigations.
  • Codemoji Learn the basics of web development and coding, including HTML, CSS, and Javascript, in a fun and easy way, allowing them to create their own websites.

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P.E., Physical Activity & Dancing

  • Walkabouts Active Learning Platform samples mix K-2 curricula with physical activity through exercises and games.
  • GoNoodle. Free family games and activities from a company focused on videogames with “active screen time.” They will move and jump to “wake up their bodies and engage their minds.”
  • Chocó to Dance. Learn the flavor of the Pacific moves and help fund education opportunities of Colombian children.
  • Online Exercise Classes for Kids Keep your children and students busy during the time of coronavirus, it is necessary for children to exercise their body and keep their mind busy and stress free, plus it is good that they get out of the daily routine.
  • Hogwarts Digital Escape Room Have fun with your friends, imagine being in the Hogwarts castle settings and being locked in one of the rooms, with a series of clues and questions that you must answer, you can get out of there and continue exploring the castle rooms.
  • Animals Quizzes and Trivia Solve quizzes about animals and test your knowledge about them. You can also find out about important issues that animals live so that you can apply it with your pets.
  • Breathe With Me – Guided Breathing Meditation for Kids Share breathing therapies with your children or students so they can enter into meditation, this therapy helps your children avoid anxiety, improve their behaviors and prepare for new situations.
  • ADHD Superpowers – The Hidden Advantages of ADHD Knows and learns about the positive characteristics that usually accompany ADHD.
  • Star Wars: Lightsaber Training for Kids (Beginners) In this one-time class the student will learn different ways to hold a lightsaber, pose, and do simple spins and tricks, this class is for children to have fun while exercising.

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  • Famous Trials From Socrates to George Floyd, this site boasts the “largest and most visited” collection of materials related to the most famous trials in world history, including transcripts, essays and visual assets.

Free eBooksS

Check out more in the OER section

  • A Celebration of Women Writers Find a virtual library, with books written by women. You can search by authors’ names, publication dates and the country where the book was published.
  • Authorama Read online or offline, Authorama with more than 100 books published for free with a variety of topics and authors. 
  • Baen Free Library Find fantasy, science and fiction books in the free library and do a detailed search for your favorite books and buy them.
  • Banned Books Variety of books that have been censored and vetoed by law, you can also contribute to the publications of these books.
  • Bartleby Fiction books, anthologies published by year of publication and a special section for you to find your favorite authors.
  • Bibliomania Literature of fiction, drama, poems and short stories, find more than 2000 texts. Find study guides to support your reading comprehension.
  • Classic Book Library Variety of literary resources of any genre totally free, available 24/7, for lovers of reading.
  • Classic Bookshelf Have fun and learn by reading classic books totally free, and you can also leave a comment about your reading experience.
  • DailyLit Not having time is no longer an excuse to read, with Daylylit you read 15 minutes a day, you only have to register monthly, you will carry the books you want to read on your cell phone.
  • Famous Poetry Online find a compilation of the most famous classical and modern poems.
  • Fiction.US E-books of fiction, poetry, short stories, picture books for children and more.
  • Foxglove Download free book, variety of literary genres for lovers of reading.
  • Free Classic Literature For free, on your computer or cell phone, famous works by classic writers, after you have made the choice of your book, read a short introduction about the author to get into context.
  • Free Online Novels  Free Catholic novels, if you are a lover of this literary genre, on the website there are more than 50 free books.
  • Click on the link, and find a list of suggestions for books to read totally free, also follow the YouTube channel to see literature counts.
  • Google Poetry Go to google search and write the word “poetry” you will find thousands of poetic writings, have fun looking for the one you like the most.
  • John T. Cullen Free graphic novel books on your phone, ipad or computer or you have the possibility to print the texts.
  • Manybooks More than 50,000 free books, explore the variety of genres, and if you can’t decide, use the list of suggestions of books to read, also find the bestsellers with discounts.
  • Online Library of Literature Classic works of English literature, available from different writers such as Charles Dickens, Rene Descartes and more.
  • Page by Page Books More than a hundred books of classical literature that you can read for free, get ready to be entertained by these interesting books.
  • Planet eBook Find a large list of free books at your disposal 24/7. 
  • Poem Hunter Read different poems available on this website, find a list of poets and topics they have written, and if you register you can manage the poems that you like most.
  • Poetry A list with more than 40 poems that you can read, also find short histoires, novels, games, and children’s books. 
  • Prize-winning books online Read the books that have been awarded for literature, the books that are published are licensed by their writers and are out of copyright.
  • ProPlay Read professionally prepared plays online, you have the option of reading the entire script or reading small parts of it.
  • Public Bookshelf Different literary genres as a main romance story, have fun reading these wonderful free books.
  • Screenplays On this website you can find children’s fiction books, novels short stories and fictional plays.
  • SF and Fantasy Books Online Read fiction books, find book fragments, learn important facts about fiction and fantasy books.
  • Standard Ebooks — Producer of high-quality ebooks from public domain resources. Excellent source of classical literature such as Shakespeare.
  • The Complete Works of William Shakespeare Find all the works written by the iconic writer and playwright William Shakespeare.
  • The Literature Network On this page you can find different literary genres, reference quotes and you can also find the context in which the books were written.
  • The Online Books Page More than 3 million free books, available for you to read in the comfort of your home.
  • The WWW Virtual Library for Theatre and Drama Find books, plays ans scripts, if you are a playwright you can share your writings with the page.
  • World eBook Library Read millions of book, poems, articles and short stories available online.
  • Hatch! Hatch! gives young readers a bird’s-eye view into the fascinating world of birds and their unique eggs and nests.

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Audio Books & Story Time

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Educational Video & Streaming

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Virtual Museum Tours

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Virtual Tours of National Parks, Attractions & Animals

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Other Virtual Experiences

See also: Labster

  • PBS NOVA Labs A variety of games and experiences related to finance, energy, nature, cybersecurity and more.
  • NBA Spell Jam Practice your vocabulary and spelling skills with the help of the names of NBA players. If you don’t like sports, you can watch the celebrity version here.
  • How Rich Am I? Giving What We Can Find out how rich you are, and if the amount of your income applies to be on the list of the richest people. You will also learn about general household income rates and can even see an accounting if a portion of your capital is donated.
  • Totally Accurate Suez Canal Training Simulator by Mythical City Games Pilot a ship carefully and attentively, this high-precision simulator training system allows you to learn the ins and outs of captaining a ship through the Suez Canal.
  • Smithsonian Open Access. Download, remix and share license-free 2D and 3D content for any purpose.
  • Arizona State Virtual Field Trips. Dinosaurs! Old multicellular organisms, red rocks, early civilization and the Grand Canyon. What ties them all together? The virtual trips from ASU, of course.
  • Hogwarts is here. A lovingly fan-made site recreates with amazing detail the Harry Potter educational adventure. Join a house and earn points, take courses and meet friends.
  • AirBnB Online Experiences. Join a shared or private cooking session with renowned chefs. Interview Olympians, watch farm animals or learn about vulnerable places while providing essential support.
  • Atlas Obscura Wonder From Home. The famous portal for the bizarrely curious is launching a series of live events, from unusual to spooky, accompanying their vast content and video library.
  • The iThemePark channel on Youtube has complete tours of Disney parks, timelapses and more.
  • Disneyland Walkthroughs (UpWorthy) Visit Disney theme parks through YouTube videos
  • Disneyland 3D Virtual Tours A site with apps made by fans with an exhaustive tour of DisneyFrance made in 2014.
  • Photo Panoramas Get to know the National Museum of Denmark, one of the largest museums in the world, you will not only see high quality 360 ° photos, you will hear a tour guide explaining each object in the castle.
  • AirPano A virtual trip around the world, with different tourist places available through photos and 360 ° videos travel the world from your computer.
  • Reach The World Take your students to know the different cultures of the world, travel virtually with Reach World.
  • Google Arts & Culture and a 360° Video at High-quality images, educational and narrative videos, paintings and more objects found inside the White House.
  • PlayStation Free Games to Play at Home Play at home and stay safe, download games for free and have fun in confinement.
  • Hay festival From the beaches of Cartagena de Indias to the cities of Beirut and Mumbai, find virtually available festivals that inspire, examine and entertain.

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Musical Experiences & Performances

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Board Games

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Support & Communities

  • Elearning Professional Network LMSPulse official Facebook Group for elearning professionals, and those who are interested in supporting online learner success!

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Understanding Coronavirus and the COVID-19 Pandemic

COVID-Pulse: Our coverage

  • Comics for Good. The COVID-19 pandemic and other current global crisis will continue to impact our lives. The work of illustrator Weiman Kow and volunteers around the world reminds us that we can bring understanding and peace of mind through collaboration, art and creativity. Draw your own #KidsDrawCOVID19facts comic with your kids and Weiman will share it with the world!
  • Discovery Education Social Distance Training. An iOS app built with Augmented Reality, to make sure we all keep our distance and learn about the importance of protecting one another.
  • How To See Germs Spread (Coronavirus) with Mark Rober (The Kid Should See This)  Understand how a virus spreads through contact, a simple experiment that makes you think.
  • Viruses and Outbreaks (Discovery Education) Explore up-to-date factors that explain how the coronavirus (COVID-19) works and how it spreads and also learn about other viruses that have occurred around the world.
  • COVID-19 Infocomics (Comics for good, via Design You Trust) Learn through educational comics where they explain important points to keep in mind about the coronavirus (COVID-19).
  • Talking About COVID-19 With Children (Sesame Street in Communities) There are different ways to talk with your students or children about the coronavirus(COVID-19) , and about the current world situation, you will even learn to explain why they cannot go out to play.
  • Cleaning and hygiene tips to help keep the COVID-19 virus out of your home. (UNICEF) Can you get Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) from food? You will know this and more by clicking on elance, learn some cleaning tips to prevent the virus from reaching your home.
  • The prevention and Managment of COVID-19 Learn about the experiences of Chinese doctors who lived closely with the global emergency caused by the coronavirus (COVID-19)

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Teacher Tools

  • Open Source Alternative To Fancy a cool app or toy to enhance your teaching, and on a budget or willing to support its free availability to all classrooms? Find more than 400 alternatives you can use today to create content, communicate, keep your learners safe online, among many other use cases.

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