10 Corporate Training Software for Employee Training

10 Best Corporate Training Software for Employee Training
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Your corporate training software choice can make a world of difference in employee engagement, retention, efficiency, and productivity. As such, it can also lead to more profitability.

To help you make an excellent choice for your business, we’ve compiled a list of the 10 best corporate LMS solutions. Let’s dig in.

ProProfs Corporate LMS

10 Corporate Training Software for Employee Training

ProProfs Corporate LMS is a user-friendly platform for creating, sharing, and tracking training courses, assessing learners, and closing knowledge gaps.

It has 100+ pre-built courses that you can customize, but it also lets you upload existing training materials to build courses from scratch.

You can personalize the training with learning paths and add multiple course bundles in a single virtual classroom. You can assess your learners with quizzes, tests, and surveys, and make training fun and engaging with multimedia content.

This corporate training software is excellent for self-paced learning and remote training, primarily since it features collaboration and knowledge-sharing tools.

Its real-time reports and analytics can help you bridge knowledge gaps and empower your team. You can track their learning, pinpoint any problem areas, and improve future courses.


10 Corporate Training Software for Employee Training

Paylocity offers HR, payroll, benefits, talent, and workforce management solutions. Its talent management tools support seamless recruiting, onboarding, performance management, compensation management, and learning management.

With its interactive LMS for corporate training, you can build custom courses that you can deliver as webinars or in an on-demand format. If you have no existing training materials, you can use Paylocity’s ready-made interactive courses.

You can enrich the training with surveys and quizzes to increase engagement, knowledge retention, and completion rates. You can also monitor employee progress and performance in real-time.

This corporate LMS also features a self-service portal where users can collaborate and share knowledge. There’s also a mobile app to further simplify training.

SAP Litmos

10 Corporate Training Software for Employee Training

SAP Litmos offers a range of solutions for employee training, including an LMS, that is, SAP Litmos Training.

It features an online course builder, content management tools, instructor-led training and social learning capabilities, and task-automation tools for streamlining enrollment and assignments.

It supports personalized learning paths, real-time feedback, video self-assessments, and real-time tracking and reporting.

The best part about this LMS is its gamification features. For every completed task, your employees get points, achievements, and badges, which keeps them motivated as they move up the leaderboard.

There are also built-in discussion boards, and you can enable interactive hotspots throughout the course content. You can also leverage the platform’s off-the-shelf learning content, which includes SME-tested, video-based training courses.


10 Corporate Training Software for Employee Training

With Lessonly, you can streamline your employee onboarding, talent management, sales training, and customer service training. It’s excellent for remote training and can easily scale as you grow.

Building a strong learning culture and maximizing knowledge retention is at the heart of this corporate LMS.

It provides a wealth of resources and training materials with real-life practice scenarios. They’re easily-accessible, dynamic, and come in step-by-step lessons for simplified training.

You can add images, videos, audio files, flip cards, documents, and quizzes to your courses and assign learning paths and lessons using target training.

Lessonly also lets you provide on-demand training to individual employees and create training groups for different departments. Of course, it comes with real-time reporting features for tracking progress and performance.


10 Corporate Training Software for Employee Training

Bridge is an integrated platform that features an LMS, tools for career development, tools for performance management, and employee engagement analytics.

Its LMS for employee onboarding and training is straightforward to use. It has all the necessary features for customizing the training to your team’s needs to boost their skills, engagement, and compliance.

Its authoring tool lets you build training courses in minutes, enriching them with video role-play and checkpoints. You can also make them interactive and add real-life examples. When it comes to delivery methods, you can use on-demand and live training.

The analytics dashboard gives you a holistic view of all the learners, including their progress, performance, completion rates, overdue tasks, and even procrastination rates.

Adobe Captivate Prime LMS

10 Corporate Training Software for Employee Training

Adobe Captivate Prime LMS is an enterprise LMS for delivering training in all departments and external ecosystems. Whether you need to upskill or reskill your employees, meet compliance requirements, educate your customers, or train your partners, this corporate LMS will make it a breeze.

It offers off-the-shelf training courses, but you can also use your in-house materials or third-party content. There’s an extensive list of features that make this LMS a next-generation training platform.

Some of the top features include AI-based social learning, data visualization tools, virtual classrooms, post-session recordings, real-time notes for microlearning, branching scenarios, personalized skill recommendations, and gamification.

There’s so much more, with each functionality supporting skill-based learning for closing knowledge gaps and aligning training objectives with your business goals.


10 Corporate Training Software for Employee Training

Docebo is an AI-powered LMS for employee onboarding, employee development, compliance training, sales enablement, partner training, and customer training.

It’s an all-in-one L&D solution for providing impactful learning experiences to enterprises and external stakeholders. You can completely personalize the interface for each audience, create virtual classrooms, host webinars, and create instructor-led training sessions.

You can seamlessly build training courses from scratch, upload your existing content, or choose from a 700-course library with rich video content.

There are features for experiential and social learning and gamification mechanics (coins, ranks, badges, and leaderboards).

Docebo’s reporting features go beyond employee performance and progress. They give you an insight into every part of your courses to help you improve them continually.


10 Corporate Training Software for Employee Training

UltiPro is another platform with HR, payroll, benefits, scheduling, attendance-management, BI, and talent management solutions.

Its LMS for talent management (UltiPro Learning) is excellent for recruiting, onboarding, performance management, career development, and succession management.

It comes with features for creating interactive learning experiences, such as gamification and collaboration tools. They allow your trainees to monitor their progress, share knowledge, and motivate one another to complete the training effectively.

Its AI-driven capabilities allow deep personalization for further empowering your workforce. Real-time performance reports, progress tracking, and predictive analytics are only some of the extensive reporting features available on the dashboard.

There are also employee engagement surveys to understand your teams better and build a strong culture.


10 Corporate Training Software for Employee Training

With Paycom, you can manage payroll, HR, and talent in your organization. There are tools for talent acquisition as well, which enable seamless onboarding.

Paycom LMS is corporate training software that provides interactive training for HR managers, sales reps, customer support agents, and other employees in a company.

It comes with features for building courses, creating video content, uploading short videos, adding quizzes, making bite-sized lessons, giving feedback, and tracking progress and performance.

Paycom also offers a course library with industry-specific training courses and many other leadership and compliance courses.

The best part is that this LMS is available as a self-service and intuitive mobile app.


10 Corporate Training Software for Employee Training

TalentLMS is an all-in-one corporate LMS with a wide range of features for streamlining employee training. It lets users build courses from scratch, or harness the power of its vast library and customize its ready-made courses.

You can take advantage of quizzes, surveys, videos, and gamification features to make employee training interactive and fun.

Learning paths and branching scenarios help trainees retain knowledge, just like discussion forums, self-help learning portals, and other communication tools.

TalentLMS also features video-conferencing tools, advanced reporting with data visualization, a user-friendly files repository, and solutions for blended learning.

To sum up: Looking for Corporate Training Software?

To pave the way to a better future for your company, you need to empower your team. These corporate LMS solutions can help you accomplish that and reach your goals faster. Try them for free to see how they suit your needs.

Disclaimer: Product mentions on this website should not be seen as endorsements by LMSPulse, Open LMS or any team members. Please evaluate products carefully before implementing them. Connect with the eLearning Community if you are interested in gathering opinions from real users.

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