Create Multi-language content easily in your Moodle course using Multi-Language Content plugins #MoodlePlugins

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If you are a language teacher , then you might have experienced that creating content in Multiple languages for your Moodle course was a horrible task in earlier Moodle versions using the Multi Language content filter.
Julen Pardo and Iñaki Arenaza have come up with a solution to this long standing problem with an easier approach to create the Multiple language content in the Moodle course.
Iñaki Arenaza developed a filter plugin named Multi Language Content V2 which is a greatly simplified multiple language filter. It uses very simple non-HTML tags to mark multi-language blocks.
Whereas Julen developed a plugin for Atto text editor titled “Multi-Language Content” which will add a language select button in the Atto editor window. The Multi Language Content V2 is a dependency for this plugin.

You can download the latest version of the Multiple Language Content V2 filter from this link – and Multiple-Language Content plugin for Atto text editor from this link –
How do you create content in different languages for your Moodle course? What are the other tools/plugins available to create multiple languages content? Do let us know in the comments below.

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