Free Moodle™ Hosting Options To Start Your Online Learning Portal

Free Moodle™™ Hosting Options To Start Your Online Learning Portal

Are you looking for a free Moodle™ hosting platform to start your online learning portal, be it as an individual or part of an organization of any size? Once you go Moodle as your preferred LMS core, it’s hard (or regretful) to go back. Most likely your choice becomes whether to stick with “vanilla” Moodle, […]

Examulator Approaches You To The Information Design Of Moodle™-Based LMS

Examulator Approaches You To The Information Design Of Moodle™™-Based LMS

It all started with a post on forums from developer Marcus Green, of Titus fame, when he showcased the Entity Relationship diagram for the Moodle™ 2.7. The Entity Relationship diagram is a graphical representation of entities and their relationships to each other, within databases. It has been created using MySQL Workbench. Download the ER […]

Open Source Encryption Still Rocks!

Open Source Encryption Still Rocks!

In 2016, Jonathan Moore, Founder of Elearning Consultancy, later My Learning Consultants, now Moodle™ US, shared a presentation on encrypting and protecting your Moodle™ site for free by using Let’s Encrypt. In 2012, employees at nonprofit open source advocacy Mozilla decided to build a free and open certificate authority. Until then, only commercial and proprietary […]

Wavefront Renderer Plugin For Moodle™ Now Supports Augmented Reality

Wavefront Renderer Plugin for Moodle™™

Using 3D models in your online course can be a great tool to make your course more interesting and easy to understand for your students. This will make it easier for them to understand the concepts and make the learning process more effective and productive. Most of us teachers would be looking for a solution to […]

Feedback Versus Questionnaire: Which Moodle™ Tool Is Best For What?

Feedback Versus Questionnaire

Do you know how effective your moodle course is for your students? Are you taking their opinion about the course? By default, Moodle includes Choice, Feedback and Survey activities for gathering student’s data. Survey Activity has preloaded surveys, which help you get to know students better, while Choice and Feedback activities allow the instructor to […]

Data, Data, Data! Get

4 Ways To Get Data From The Moodle™ Database (Good Luck Getting This Granular From Another LMS)

Moodle Administrators are very much interested in running different SQL queries to extract various reports and information from the Moodle database. For a new Moodle administrator, it may be a daunting task at first but if you are aware of the tools which can be used for running SQL queries then it may become very […]

Start Your Moodle Plugin Dev Journey With Moodle Plugin Skeleton Generator

Updated in February, 2021. ‘pluginskel‘ has evolved from a Summer of Code student project, and into an essential tool for new plugin developers. Find the latest version here. Original post: Moodle as the name suggests is highly modular in nature and the functionality can be extended to all areas using plugins. Moodle plugin database has […]

Best Moodle plugin for Gamification based courses

Is there a place for Casual Games in Teaching and Learning? Vasilis Daloukas thinks yes. He even has some research behind his belief. Gamification in terms of online teaching is the art of applying game playing elements in your online courses. Researches show that gamification of your online courses results in less dropout rate and […]

Want to learn Moodle Development? Check Out These Expert Resources — 3.10 Edition

Want to learn Moodle™ Development? Check Out These Expert Resources — 3.10 Edition

Are you also among those “Moodlers” who wants to learn the process of Moodle development? Do you also want to learn about writing Moodle plugins from start to finish? Then, get ready for learning Moodle development through a crisp and short tutorial by Moodle experts. Moodle community experts have collaborated with each other in past […]