How To Make Your Quizzes More Beautiful

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beautiful quizes We live in a design driven world where users demand both functionality and beauty. The Moodle community is no different. While Moodle provides true best-in-class LMS functionality, sometimes the on screen experience for the learner (and for the instructor and admin for that matter) feels outdated at best and kludgy at worst. I stumbled across a thread in the forums about formatting Quizzes that captures this frustration well.

Here’s the good news (as pointed out in the forum chat): “The lovely thing about GPL software is that anyone with the interest and ability can [make the changes they want to see].” And, the best part is that you have a community to help. In the case of beautifying quizzes, an initial suggestion was to make a request to change the core programming of Moodle. This received an expert reply from Tim Hunt pointing out that the modifications requested by the original poster could be done completely with CSS by “any good theme designer.”

The thread ends with my favorite part – someone (Phuong Hoang) has actually created the result desired and posted the entire CSS code for others to use quiz_quest_one My point: in this specific example, we’re exposed to a method for making quizzes more beautiful, which is likely something that many, many people will find useful. This was made possible by the passion and depth of the Moodle community.

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