#Moodlemakeover: Moving my Users

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Moving the site I opted not to do a full site upgrade or migrate any databases so that I knew exactly what I was going to be starting with and working with moving forward. Additionally, my level of expertise in Database management is admittedly lacking so I tried to keep things very simple when the new site was nearing ready for launch. Two pieces to note:

  1. I had two similar domains available to me: (the old site) and (pointed at the new server and hosting).
  2. The old site was on a shared hosting provider that had been giving us a bit of trouble with outages and other issues.

After moving all of the course content (without users), site pages and working on a few additional features which had been requested but weren’t possible via Moodle 1.9, I was ready to move users. Downloading the user list was pretty simple, I was able to get all user fields minus the passwords so that I could move over some custom user fields as well (these were setup on the new site in advance). Once the data export was scrubbed for users without emails and duplicate/unnecessary account I added a new field to the csv for password and added to that field something that users would now and be able to use (I also set that all users would need to reset their password upon first login) shortly thereafter I was able to import all of the users.

The hardest part of moving all active users from one site to another was recreating user enrollments. A backup and restore of user data within courses did not work for me from 1.9 to 2.5 (though the content could be imported easily). Sadly the 250+ enrollments was something that I recreated manually (though this took far less time than I imagined).

Once enrollments were set in each of the courses I then moved all grade data over for the active students (see here for a video highlighting how to export grades from 1.9: The export/import functions in the gradebook really are tremendous, and as an added bonus I was able to consolidate scores where we had several test iterations in the older courses on the 1.9 site (i.e. 3 exam forms that had been cycled in and out over the year). The feature, which wasn’t covered in the Docs when I looked it up, is a handy way to ensure that your grades are getting imported to the correct placeholders in your new classroom or site. Just use the drop downs to map users to their new accounts and their legacy grades to the new exam/assignment placeholders for records. grade mapping Once complete, a little QA helped to verify that everything had been successfully imported. I setup the old sites to send users to the new site (with text and directions rather than changing the name servers which I will do after a brief trial) and used Moodle’s messaging system to let students know about the new site, prompted them to login and verify grades, and/or use the forgot password link to reset their passwords. With over 1200 users moved over I think it went pretty smoothly with only a handful of emails notifying me that a few grades from a shuttered course had not yet been ported.

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