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Updated on November, 2023

United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt, Lebanon, Palestine
Moonami (Now Moodle US)
UK, Hong Kong, United Arab Emirates
Synergy Learning
UK, Ireland, Germany
My Learning Consultants (Now Moodle US)
Catalyst IT
Austalia, New Zealand, Europe, Canada
France, Ireland, Poland
Belgium, Netherlands
Human Logic Software
United Arab Emirates, Oman, Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia
Entornos Educativos
e-Learning JapanMedia Touch
Belgium, Canada, France
, Switzerland, Thailand
WIDE Services
Cyprus, Greece, Albania
Moxis (formerly Praxis)
Latvia, Estonia
e-learning Co.
Nephila Web Technology
Edu Labs
Colombia, Ecuador
Insynergy Consulting

On February 2020, Moodle™ announced the Premium Partners program. It recognizes existing Certified Moodle Partners who have provided an exceptional level of service to Moodle™ users for a number of years. Premium partners have cleared requirements on technical capabilities as well as customer services and support standards. They must also demonstrate a commitment to open source learning technologies.

At last count 60 Moodle™ Partnerships have earned Premium status. Several partners have more than one Premium recognition, which are issued on a country level.

eThink Education and My Learning Consultants in the U.S., multi-national Titus Learning and Japan’s e-learning were the first companies to be earn the recognition for their commitment to open source learning technology, technical capabilities in development and customization, and stellar customer support. The number grew into double digits fast, representing some of the most important contributors to the Moodle™ project.

The “Premium” stature is given after vigorous vetting and a minimum level of business. Traditional Moodle™ Partners usually achieve the status after a series of interviews and the submission of fairly standard documentation. Fee agreements were also undisclosed. Traditional Partners agree to giving 10% of revenues from Moodle™-related services destined to Moodle™ HQ, before taxes.

Above all, these companies have the responsibility to spread Moodle™ Workplace, the company’s corporate play, and response to specialized niche LMS such as Totara. Moodle™ Workplace is a customisable platform streamlining onboarding, workplace learning and compliance management.

Titus Learning and Network Rail, Moodle™’s Workplace Foremost Case Study

Accessibility, configurability, future-proofing and cost-effectiveness were the core criteria for what could end up becoming the largest Moodle™ Workplace site of all, once it powers the learning of the NDPB, one of the most human-intensive public transportation operations in the UK including some of the busiest stations.

On a request for comment, Titus Learning CEO replied.:

“To be announced as one of the first two Moodle™ Certified Premium Partners is a massive honour and great recognition of the work our team do every day for our customers around the globe. We’ve been a Moodle™ Partner for just under 3 years and in that time we’ve seen our customer base double each year, with our talented team pretty much following suit.

Being a Premium Partner means we’re able to directly offer the latest release from Moodle™ HQ, Moodle™ Workplace. This is in addition to all our other core Moodle services and additional solutions such as the Moodle Educator’s Certification (MEC) and the Branded Moodle Mobile App.

The process to get the Premium Partnership, and the criteria we had to meet, was very stringent and included full vetting of our; hosting and security, ability to successfully customise Moodle™, training and implementation process, proof of hitting and exceeding our SLAs, and plenty more!

We’re really excited about this next chapter as a Premium Partner and look forward to working closely with Moodle HQ and the wider Moodle community.”

“For large scale, mission critical implementations such as the Network Rail learning management system, Moodle™ Workplace offers the performance, scalability and security features needed to provide constant access and availability for all users, complemented by a customised interface which is intuitive and adaptive, personalising the software to each individual learner. We’re delighted to be working with Network Rail on this new chapter in their workplace learning journey, and excited about our future partnership.”

Statement from Moodle™ HQ CEO, Martin Dougiamas

We have wanted to publically recognise the quality efforts of our best partners for some time, and I’m very happy that we are launching the first significant extension to the Moodle Partner program, first launched 15 years ago. In addition to the standard partnership which certifies their ability to support clients with Moodle-based service solutions, Premium partners have passed extra criteria that demonstrate significant levels of commitment to customer service and the Moodle project, gaining high level of trust which should be celebrated.  Congratulations to everyone in these first three companies. Look for more announcements soon!

Regarding Network Rail announcement in the UK:

“I’m so happy to see Network Rail joining an impressive list of organisations taking advantage of the new Moodle Workplace solution via Titus Learning, one of our certified Moodle Partners. Moodle Workplace is designed especially for enterprises with heavy staff training requirements such as Network Rail. It retains all the unmatched stability, compatibility and potential for customisation of Moodle, and combines it with professional support and experience from our international network of certified Moodle Partners such as Titus Learning. Titus Learning has an excellent record and together we’ll ensure success for Network Rail’s training ambitions.”

Read “Moodle Launches Global Certified Premium Partner Program as part of the Organisation’s Ongoing Commitment to Education” at

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