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As the field of professional development is bolstered with the help of social technologies, features that cater to corporate learners, salespeople, ‘socializers;’ or for networking and collaboration in general, become more relevant than ever.

And there’s no denying that among the social networks catering to educators and elearning professionals, LinkedIn is currently leading the pack. With over 750 million members as of writing, more than 60m in the U.S. alone, the professional social network owned by Microsoft is the de facto social network for educators.

LinkedIn allows people to expand their network of contacts and make known their interests, tastes and aspects of work life, so here is a list of people who encourage online learning on Linkedin.

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Elizabeth Leiba

Top Voices Creator Accelerator, EBONY Podcast Host


She uses her powerful voice by sharing supportive ideas for students in the field of technology and diversity. Read the article Elizabeth wrote “As a Queen, I simply Adjust My Crown!

Shane Dillon

LinkedIn Top Voice 2020 (Education), Data-driven Entrepreneur


Shane’s content focuses on the study abroad education segment. Sharing thoughts on the existing gaps for students and employment opportunities. Learn about the best universities in Australia for international students.

Barbara Coward

MBA Admissions Consultant and Top Ten LinkedIn Voice 2020: Education

22K folowers

With constant content, Barbara posts on topics important to MBA (Master of Business Administration) and other business degree seekers. How tech firms fail women in business.

Vicki Davis

Director Of Instructional Technology


In her profile she posts tips that motivate teachers to teach with gratitude and improve remote learning. What are the 12 principles of success? 

Monica Kochar

Pedagogy Consultant, Community Volunteer


From India, Monica publishes publications giving practical advice to teachers on how to make parent-teacher meetings a success. Tech — to use or not use in class.

Ross Morrison

Entrepreneur Educator at TeacherToolkit


Technology teacher and school assistant, shares tips for K-12 teachers on his profile. 46 tips for teaching online.

Dr. Matthew Lynch

President and CEO Lynch Consulting Group, LLC.


Maryville College Admissions: Everything you want to and need to know.

Garrett Bauman

Senior Manager, Public Policy & State Partnerships, Teaching Strategies, LLC


3 Ways Policymakers Can Support Remote Learning for Young Children

Matthew Cohen

Managing Director, Cohen Strategy Group, LLC


The Power of Place: Addressing Structural Racism in the Secondary Education and Reengagement Systems

Doug Lederman

Editor and founder at Inside Higher Ed


In his publications Doug emphasizes the ways in which educational institutions are struggling with the adaptation to remote education. Listen to Doug on Inside Higher Ed, in a weekly wisdom episode.

Jennifer Carolan

Co-Founder and Partner at Reach Capital


Jennifer shares posts on her profile about the ways in which COVID-19 can help teachers transform their methodologies. Technology shrinks the class divide.

Michael Forshaw

Co-Founder & CEO at EdTech Impact


Learn all about large Multi-Academy Trust EdTech procurement.

Laura Overton

Co-creator of Emerging Stronger


Laura considers herself curious about learning innovation and she is co-creator of Emerging Stronger. If your ‘digital learning culture’ improved over the next 12 months, how would you know

Greg Limperis

Educator, learner, instructional coach


Technology director and EdTech consultant, Greg shares in his profile posts about K-12 education and how education has become a transformational challenge. Learn more about Greg.

Michelle Ockers

Organisational Learning Strategist & Learning Team Capability Builder. Founder of Learning Uncut. Co-Creator of Emerging Stronger for L&D Leaders in a place to make or influence change in their organisation


Learn about one of Michelle’s publications: Preparedness and Repairable Item Management.

Stephen Ladek

Create killer eLearning outcomes


 How to incentivize life long learners

Carla Aerts

Board Member Right for Education Africa Foundation


Go slow to go fast. It is what learners want, supported by strong relationships.

Hithakshi Kotyan

Sr. L&D Specialist – Priceline 


Brown-nosing : How far can you go in your career?

Phill Miller

Managing Director at Open LMS


Open LMS

eLearn Success Series: The Design Session

Justin Reinert

Talent Leader, Coach, Inquisitive Human, Director, Learning & Development, Amobee


A skilled talent leader who has led two different organizations to rank in Training magazine’s prestigious Training Top 125 list.

Dr. Jane Bozarth

Research in Learning & Worker Development


Watch Michelle on the Elearning Success Series: The Design Session as the featured presenter

Mark Parry

Learning Designer at Association of Independent Schools of NSW


Nam Bang! Education Kit (PDF)

Josephine Kraus

Senior Corporate Recruiter at Teaching Strategies, LLC


Let’s talk about why Teaching Strategies is your next move and opportunity for career growth and advancement!

Mary Burns

Instructor at Instituto Tecnologico de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey


A lovely reflection on the importance of teaching by EDC’s Mary Sugrue.

Ted Curran

Learning experience designer at Autodesk

2021 Gold Award – Best Unique or Innovative Learning and Development Program

Did we miss anybody? Help us complete the list for a chance to get VIP All-Access passes for eLearn Success Series: The Design Session

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