Pro’s Prefs: Top 10 Favorite Tools Used by eLearning Professionals

Pro's Prefs Top 10 Favorite Tools Used by eLearning Professionals
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With the help of the best eLearning platforms, you can easily learn to generate healthy content that can help in increasing the worth of the lines and making it informational for the audience. Online tools can be quite handy in several regards, directly or indirectly related to your eLearning practice.

We asked nearly a hundred professionals about their favorite tools, recommended for learning, planning and design, in-class experience or general resources. Check out these tools and see your expertise get polished!

Top online eLearning tools favored by pros

Looking for a tool to spice up your eLearning experience? You are not alone. Here are the tools

1. Google Scholar

Google one is one of the best platforms for getting information about any element. Hundreds of users visit this online platform daily to increase their knowledge.

Google further provides multiple services from where you can get ideas about the field. (Maybe too many?)

Google Scholar.png

Among those forums, Google Scholar is an amazing place where users can get detailed surveys on the required topic that is written by experts. 

You can easily get hundreds of blogs and articles on a single subject. So, this is another eLearning platform that is recommended by experts.

2. SkillShare

If you are willing to learn new things from professionals, this online platform should definitely be on your radar. Here you have access to skilled teachers with deep expertise in their fields (and impeccable student ratings) who will provide you with the latest upskilling about any topic.

This platform offers a subscription model. Once you pay for it, you can have access to all the courses. If you are truly willing to learn new courses and make yourself professional in any field, this platform would be the right option for you.

3. Grammarly

To make written content more “alive,” appealing and easily readable for the audience, grammar is your ally. 

For making it simple and generating grammatically perfect content, Grammarly is a handy, if controversial option that figures out all the punctuation errors from the content and makes it easily readable for the audience. Just make sure you don’t confuse it with a grammar teaching tool. Whenever it highlights a passage and suggests different wording, exercise judgement on whether the suggestion is accurate and contextually sensible.

4. Merge PDF

Most writers today are self-published, online and multi-formatted. You will likely get ideas from other authors online. A blog might be easy to access, but you may need to download important information as it pertains to your research.

At some stage, you will also have to manage all those documents and keep them on track. Probably on a portable, faithful content storing format.

This is where the aptly named Merge PDF tool comes in. As many similar tools, it can combine PDFs, arrange pages and add other useful features. Online PDF mergers offer can do wonders in helping you organize documentation and making it accessible.

This tool allows you to upload the content via multiple platforms, i.e. Google Drive or Dropbox. Also, you can paste the link of the files in the URL box, if the content is online.

5. Online Notepad

Pro's Prefs: Top 10 Favorite Tools Used by eLearning Professionals

“Practice makes a man perfect” is a well-known phrase. So, you have to exercise in your field and make yourself an expert. For the writers, they have to increase the worth of the lines and make them informative for the audience.

Online notepad will be a handy preference, as it offers all the features to give an appealing look to the content and attract more visitors to the page. You can add headings and subheadings in the lines and present the blog in a proper structure.

The best feature that the tool offers is the search option. If you get stuck at some point, you can add that phrase or keyword and read the thoughts of other authors without going to another tab.

Moreover, you can also lock the files by setting a password and making them usable for later. Once you set the pin code for the document, it will get secured in the tool.

6. Rephraser


For new writers, it could be difficult to generate charming articles and make the content engaging for the audience.

To overcome this issue, you can get help from an online “rephraser” that, as its name reveals, will let you change the structure of the content by replacing the words with their synonyms.

You just need to upload the content here in the tool and it will rephrase the content and provide you with a unique article in a few seconds.

This is another way that you can apply to get new content and learn new elements about the writing. You can change the content to 4 levels, i.e. simple, fluency, advanced, and creative.

The tool enables users to change and rewrite any type of content with great ease. It can help add new words, change previous ones, and even alter the style and tone of the content itself. 

There is absolutely no restriction with this free online tool as students, teachers, marketers and writers all can use this to their advantage and enhance their content. 

7. YouTube

This obscure platform —only the second most popular website in the U.S. in terms of traffic— is one of the most popular platforms used for learning and entertainment.

Since the pandemic, most people rely on getting online lectures or live online tutoring. YouTube is probably the best source for both.

So, as a learner, you can go to YouTube and watch videos about every topic about which you have any doubts. 

You can get unlimited videos on a single topic. With so many choices, it will become easy for you to choose the best one.

8. Udemy

Just like SkillShare, you can also go for Udemy which offers courses to the users and allows going for the option that they want.

But one thing that you have to remember on this platform is that you can’t get the subscription of all the contents at once. Instead of that, you have to choose a particular course and pay for it. 

But still, this platform is worth it as you can get to know about unique elements and interact with the professionals in the field.

9. Rytr

Students or writers who want to learn the basics of writing and have not much idea about the techniques can get help from this online tool. 

One just has to put the keyword and topic title in the box. After that, click on the generate button.

This AI tool will generate unique content that will be informative for the reader. The only thing that is needed here is the editing. 

That means you have to adjust the paragraphs according to your style. After that, copy the text from there and use it wherever you want.

№ 10. Answer the public

Sometimes, it can become difficult for you to make a title for the content. You may not have an idea about the topics and the style. 

Answer the public will provide you with a lot of topics on a single topic that is mostly used on the search engine and is ranked well.

You just have to write the keyword on which you want the title. This online tool will generate hundreds of topic titles against that single keyword without any charges. 

So, by using this tool, you can enhance the ability of title generation.

To sum up

With the help of these online platforms, you can easily power up your skills and make yourself capable of getting into the list of experts. Here you can increase your knowledge about your services.

You must learn the working of learning management systems so you can have an idea of their worth. Hope this blog will be beneficial for all the readers and help them in generating healthy content.

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