Healthcare eLearning Player MedTrainer Thrives Amid Great Resignation, Strikes Key Absorb LMS Partnership

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MedTrainer is a provider of eLearning solutions for healthcare, including LMS, compliance, credentialing and more. Chris Heller, Business Development professional at MedTrainer, speaks with us in relation to the recent announcement between Absorb LMS and MedTrainer, which makes the Florida based company the exclusive provider of healthcare content for the top corporate Learning Management System Absorb.

We also took the opportunity to get Chris’s views on the broader landscape. eLearning owes a lot to healthcare. Traditionally, this industry has been an early adopter of new trends and innovation. In addition, a significant volume of research on educational technology takes place in healthcare settings, or gets nurses, physicians and medical students as subjects first.

Hi Chris, how are you doing?

I’m doing very well. Thanks for having me. 

Before we get started, why don’t you give us a little glimpse of what’s happening in the eLearning for healthcare space. 

Sure. MedTrainer started about a decade ago, and since that time, we’ve witnessed tremendous growth. Today our company alone serves about 15,000 facilities representing 300,000 health care providers. There’s recent trends that have been fostering this growth, but in the long view it can be attributed to a lot of different things. The great resignation is certainly a great driver, with some industry estimates having the total number of people in health care changing jobs at 50% in any given year. It’s a high rate, although healthcare turnover rate has always been in the double digits.

So one of the great challenges comes when folks move to another healthcare facility. They have ten days or so to be certified. eLearning comes in very handy to try and help along the way.

So, how have companies like MedTrainer taken advantage of the Great Resignation, as well as other industry-specific trends?

We’ve always been healthcare-focused and this gives us a unique understanding of the space. We’re up to almost 600 courses now. Then we focus on taking that content and expanding its footprint. This is where partnerships like the one we’ve made with Absorb come in. They have an important presence in the institutional space, which means we’ll be able to get exposure to larger customers than we’re used to.

Talk to me a bit about the MedTrainer-Absorb LMS partnership, how it benefits learners and what it means for you guys.

Absorb LMS is a well-established company in the U.S. healthcare space. Until now they haven’t had a healthcare content provider. So our partnership allows their extensive customer base to now access healthcare content through the Absorb LMS directly. To me it’s a low hanging fruit: Absorb has a large number of users looking for healthcare content, and we’re proud to be one of the top providers of eLearning content for healthcare in the country. 

How does the technology play in this partnership?

We’re making our courses available through the Absorb platform. This means it will be a Single Sign-On solution for end users of Absorb. MedTrainer content will be available to them with a single click.

It is a huge market and every little thing we do to make our content easier to access can make a big difference. With Absorb, we’ve also been involved in lots of discussions early on. They realized that, quite frankly, there aren’t many people doing what we do and with our level of quality. We run our own LMS, but we’re not necessarily competing directly with Absorb LMS. So it just made a lot of sense. They needed healthcare content. We needed additional distribution within the marketplace. And so it’s just a well made match.

Will MedTrainer content remain available outside of Absorb LMS users?

For sure. We will still offer our content freely. From a growth perspective, we started the year with six salespeople. I think we have about 40 now. The trajectory is very high, aside from the Absorb LMS partnership.

Excellent! So to wrap things up, I’m wondering what you see on the horizon. What is coming up for MedTrainer, and maybe the “eLearning for healthcare” space as a whole?

I think certainly adding certifications and additional coursework is a must. Also our focus outside the United States is important, and certainly key to sustaining the growth that we have had in the past. From a company perspective, growing leaps and bounds has been challenging, but it’s been a whole bunch of fun.

Now, healthcare in other countries can be quite different, but there are plenty of similarities too. The core components of healthcare cross boundaries, even though the entities and the certifications will be different. It’s just a matter of being able to accommodate the nuances that exist within a new territory.

Lastly, we expect the latest global health issues to lead towards higher collaboration and shared standards between local industries.

Thank you, Chris.

Thanks so much. 

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