Make Your Training Sessions Memorable With Brian Walter

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Hello everyone! My name is Ladek and my guest for this episode is Brian Walter. He is the Co-Founder and operator of two businesses, Extreme Meetings and Extreme Trainings. He does it all: from being an internal communications consultant, speaker, and trainer, to video script writer and producer. Oh, and he is absolutely hilarious!

In this ‘extreme’ conversation Brian and I talk about

00:00 › Start

3:05 › What Sticky Training Is Exactly—how you can recognize it and why still, in 2023, it is so hard to build effective “training” (except for maybe sales people)

9:45 › How To Build Training That Sticks—first by asking “what is that you want, that you don’t already have,” to then determine what is actually “trainable,” and finally create a truly memorable experience

17:48 › Brian’s GFSA Framework to understand what he means by “getable,” “feelable,” “sayable” and “actionable” training

26:07 › Unintended Outcomes—Brian and I then walk through a few stories around “unintended outcomes” from his training model that have happened in the past 

30:05 › GFSA Challenges—Brian then talks through what makes building something with the GFSA model a challenge

36:00 › Adapting GFSA—Brian discusses whether or not (and how) GFSA works in a typical, asynchronous online learning experience; and how to progressively buy attention to captivate the audience

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