The eLearning Podcast — Ted Curran, Autodesk

The eLearning Podcast — Ted Curran, Autodesk

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My guest for today’s episode is Ted Curran. Ted is a Learning Experience Designer for Autodesk. Ted also blogs at, where he has been writing about educational technology, free online learning apps, and effective pedagogy since 2008.

Ted is a pragmatic man. He understands the importance of creativity and inspiration, and he doesn’t shy away from recommending a free app or two that will help you try new things in your teaching. 

In that vein, let me invite you to sign up for FREE to our Elearning Success Summit and check out his talk, “Need A Back Channel? Use A Slack Channel: How Chat Platforms Like Slack Increase Learner Engagement and Success During Content Delivery,” so you can see what I mean.

In this riveting and very insightful conversation, Ted and I talk about:

  • How Autodesk was “lucky” to host the last face-to-face elearning conference, and the challenges that came in converting a year’s worth of instructional design content into a fully online setting.
  • Ted’s ideas and successes on fixing the “online learning backlash” that many students, teachers and parents faced as they met a rushed and subpar elearning experience.
  • Why, as education technologists, it can sometimes be unfair to blame teachers for an unengaging virtual experience, and why the UX of the teacher is at least as important as that of the student.
  • The value of structure, collaboration and “narrow roles” in online education teams, to prevent the all too common teacher burnout that comes from having too many hats.
  • The need to re-think teaching in online media, and the four new roles Ted believes online teachers are meant to take on

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