The eLearning Podcast — Phill Miller, Open LMS

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My guest for today’s episode is Phill Miller, Managing Director at OpenLMS, one of the world’s largest providers of open source learning technologies.

With its genesis in the fusion of several LMS providers, the evolution of OpenLMS continued earlier this year when it was acquired by Learning Technologies Group in the UK.

Now, with this year’s acquisition of eCreators in Australia, OpenLMS has consolidated a major role in the open source elearning industry, boasting the largest “SaaS” or cloud-based Moodle operation in the world.

Throughout this rapid growth, OpenLMS has managed to place their customers front and center and helped advance the global conversation on open source technologies in education. And having gracefully surfed wave after wave of mergers, team alignments and workplace culture shake-ups, Phill is a tenured thought leader to keep tabs on, if you’re wondering where LMS and the eLearning industry are heading.

In this lemonade on the porch type chat, Phill and I talk about:

  • What’s in store for school administrators, teachers, parents and students in the craziest back to school experiment ever
  • The importance and value of using educational principles to ease customers’ minds amid constant change
  • How generosity and anticipation can be a fool-proof way to ensure business continuity at scale, and possibly stave off some of the consequences from the increasing tech gap
  • The importance of stories in education, customer care and particularly to consolidate a culture of learning and reflection in unprecedented times.

And check out Phill’s keynote, “The Future Of Supporting Educators With EdTech” for free at the Elearning Success Summit.

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