The eLearning Podcast — Philip von Heydebreck & Achim Rothe, Trickle, Beautiful Company

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If you are a regular LMSPulse reader, you know of the countless and ever growing number of platforms out there to launch a course. 

But they all operate under one assumption: That you have already done the job of building a quality course with state of the art tools and following the latest research and insight.

My guests for today’s episode, Philip von Heydebreck and Achim Rothe, asked themselves: What if there was a way to help people one step earlier in the process? 

With the goal of helping lifelong learners optimize the process of research, they recently launched Trickle, an app that not only helps you curate and consume the great stuff that’s available online, but one that connects you with other learners. 

Trickle is designed to help you share the content that interests you, get feedback on your creations, and even connect you with like-minded learners and creators, making the process of high-quality course creation all that much smoother.

In this promising conversation we talk about:

  • Microlearning, which in 2021, should pretty much be synonymous with “spaced repetition,” but also with early and instant feedback for both learner and teacher.
  • Why Phil and Achim believe that, while there are countless apps that would satisfy the needs of “Lifelong Learners,” it’s worth building new tools and experience that put a Lifelong Learning practice at the center of the table.
  • Our thoughts on why, despite the growing opportunity on education and learning startups, there is little sense of community among founders.
  • The challenges for educational content creators in today’s state of information saturation, and the ways in which Phil and Achim’s app aims to speed up the information vetting process
  • The challenges of user-generated content in education, and how a paradigm of “community-generated content” may be able to help the creation of great elearning content, but maybe also even tackle the spread of fake news on social networks.

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