The eLearning Podcast — Andreana Castellanos, Afinidata

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It’s a joy to introduce you to my guest for this week: Andreana Castellanos, Process Engineer, Founder and CEO of Afinidata, and fellow Colorado State graduate—go Rams!

Afinidata is a Guatemalan-American social entrepreneurship born out of Andreana’s volunteering experiences. It sends users personalized early childhood development activities through Facebook. It’s as simple and brilliant as it sounds. In 4 years, Afindata has sent parents across Latin America over 50 thousand activities, and is a member of the UNICEF Innovation Fund.

In this lovely and eye-opening conversation we talk about:

  • The social and neuroscience of early childhood development and how incredibly important the first 5 years of a person’s life are with regard to brain development
  • Why Andreana believes in the power of “Navigational startups,” dedicated to make cutting-edge evidence useful to those who need it most, which in her case, is low-income parents
  • Why she believes chatbots offer a unique opportunity to engage with teachers and parents in critical moments
  • We touch on the fact that for many countries, governments are the main suppliers of elearning solutions to children and households, and how data-driven innovation could play a role in policymaking 
  • How adapting to working from home is shaping the way we view and celebrate our success; which should give you some hints about how we need to reframe success and achievement with our children

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