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Today we got a handful, in the best sense of the word. My three guests, Juraj Gabrhel, Elena Urbanova and Matus Kothaj, are with e-learnmedia.SK, an elearning company based in Slovakia and Serbia, catering to the Eastern European world.

Compared to the wealth of choices we have in places like the US, e-learnmedia occupies a space with somewhat less competition, and the focus on promoting the values and benefits of digital technologies in the service of education in their part of the world.

In this exciting conversation we talk about:

  • The many ways in which running an elearning business is so similar regardless of where you are in the world; and the one or two subtle differences that can make or break your business in Slovakia
  • Education, particularly the pending assignment of educating on where the value of elearning is, and where it isn’t
  • Why it pays to pay attention to what the rest of the world is doing in elearning, and the limits in knowledge transfer
  • The special priorities you can find in corporate learning, where many services we think of as mainstream are just taking off, and collaboration 
  • The eclectic mixture of modernity, tradition and cultures that makes Slovak elearning so unique, and the lessons it has to the world.

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