Tutorials That Help Teachers Because They Curated Them with Aldo de Pape, Teach Pitch

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My guest today is Aldo De Pape, creator of Teach Pitch, a portal that seeks to address the problem of information overabundance.

How does he solve it? Well, Aldo found in a mixture of crowd-sourced curation and AI the key for a community-driven, feedback intensive platform that helps teachers find great content, and gives creators a source for validation.

In this stimulating conversation Aldo and I talk about:

  • The “weird” problem of having too much information, which at the same time is a sign of our modern times; and the tools, some of them human, we all can use to “curate” information.
  • We also talk about how it’s wrong to think of technology as something foreign to us, when in reality it’s been with us since the dawn of civilization. This includes using, but also teaching, training and finding new relationships with technology.
  • The advantages of community approaches to determine quality content, and how Aldo was able to build a “global educational content research network”
  • And why community research approaches can be the key to modern issues like disinformation and fake news. (We talk a bit about vaccines too.)
  • How companies can take advantage of Teach Pitch and similar ideas to validate elearning products, on its quality as well as its “authentic feel”

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