Delivering Exceptional Professional Service with John Strohmeyer from Five Star Counsel and Strohmeyer Law

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My guest for today is John Strohmeyer. John is the founder of Strohmeyer law – which is a tax, estate planning and probate service provider. But John is also the founder Five Star Counsel, a podcast and blog about customer care with a special focus on delivering professional services.

You might be asking: Why is there a lawyer on the Elearning Podcast? Well, John is convinced that, given the shifts happening in the legal profession, he needs to evolve in the way he serves people. As he tackles the development of valuable and helpful elearning experiences in a way that reflect his professional experience, John joins the show to talk about the “service factor”     when developing and selling an online course.

In this super legit conversation we talk about:

🌓 His formative time as a night shift manager at the Four Seasons and how it influenced his approach to service in the legal profession.

🛎 Why John thinks jumping into online course creation as a professional attorney makes perfect sense given the shifts taking place in the profession, and the need for a place for lawyers to learn and discuss topics related to service.

🍹 How the limits of investing in service can vary wildly among professions, or: Would you pick a lawyer or accountant because of their high end courtesy drinks?

🏢 General details on John’s process, platform selection, pricing and promotion, and lessons learned thus far. Spoiler alert: It’s work, work, work!

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