For Emerging Economies, The Time For XR In Education Is Now — Natalie Miller, XR Global On The Elearning Podcast With Stephen Ladek

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I have a question for you: When will Virtual Reality and “XR” in general become mainstream in education? 

After listening to my guest for today —Natalie Miller the founder of XR Global— I want you to ask yourself that question again and let me know if our conversation has changed your mind.

Natalie moved to South Africa in 2006 for an opportunity in the international development space with Operation Smile. After countless Founding and leadership positions, she saw an opportunity to use mobile learning and Mixed Reality in emerging markets, leading to the creation of XR Global in 2020.

In this hyper-realistic conversation we talk about:

💿 Natalie’s amazing journey, including an Oxford MBA, a Skoll Fellowship, stints in Business Development, Fintech, Consulting, Health care and ultimately XR Global, her next step in her quest for social innovation and technology.

📘 The outstanding results XR Global has made possible, not just with double digit growth in knowledge retention using VR experiences, but also with making XR affordable and scalable in the emerging world.

⛑ Why according to Natalie, Mixed Reality should be on the radar of elearning professionals regardless of where they are in the world. One hint: You can’t check your phone while taking a lesson with a VR headset on.

➰ The importance and value of high level partnerships, as long as they are based on innovations that actually get results and shape the conversation.

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