Agile Learning & Development At Toppers Pizza, NASA With Joe Dunlap On The Elearning Podcast With Stephen Ladek

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To celebrate our 50th episode, how about a pizza party!

My guest for today is Joe Dunlap, Director of Learning & Development at Toppers Pizza, a Wisconsin based chain of restaurants with owned and franchised locations across the US.

With an incredible background, including a 4-year run consulting about learning at none other than NASA, Joe has a critical mission, as Toppers Pizza bounces back from the blow of COVID-19 and reinvents itself, its technology and the way it engages partners and franchisees.

In this “delicious” conversation we talk about:

🍕 What is it like to work and learn at NASA, and why even rocket engineering teams are fond of design thinking and agile project management approaches.

 🍕 Why it makes a lot of sense that a former NASA consultant is now leading learning operations at a pizza place that’s figuring out a few groundbreaking launches.

 🍕 Of course, there are clear cultural differences between these and other organizations Joe’s been with, so we talk about the challenge of “translating” learning experiences to increase their effectiveness.

 🍕  Finally, we talk about the “TikTok” generation, which makes up the bulk of learners under his wing; and how he uses technology to deliver an interactive, timely and amenable learning that fosters creativity and problem solving.

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