Meshing Simplicity Of Use And Complex Functionality In Niche Pursuits With Kevin Marshall, Owwlish On The Elearning Podcast

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Welcome to the eLearning Podcast. My name is Ladek and I’m your Host from LMS

My guest for today is Kevin Marshall. A few years ago, Kevin stumbled into an online learning opportunity in a VERY niche market. After trialing a few courses that performed well, he and his partner decided to go all in.

As Kevin worked to prepare a suite of courses, he found that popular publishing platforms didn’t offer the simplicity or level of ownership he desired.

Fast forward a few years and the result of Kevin’s frustration is Owwlish (with two “w”s). Owwlish is a WordPress plugin slash platform that aims to give you complete control of your courses and a worry-free experience with the technology.

In this strategic conversation we talk about:

🎗 The ingredients to persist as an elearning entrepreneur, including a support system and the right mix of pragmatism and hopeful patience.

🔋 The challenge of delivering simplicity through Owwlish, within the powerful but  fairly complex system of WordPress.

🤔 Why Owwlish is not for everyone, but why Kevin believes course creators should consider things like ownership and control, flexibility and the real financials of delivering and promoting an online course on an established marketplace.

🏣 We also talk about the importance of community building as a cornerstone of online learning delivery today, and why sometimes Facebook algorithms get in the way

⛱  Finally, along the way, Kevin and I touch on DIY, teaching dentistry online, the weather in Phoenix, Arizona and, whether or not the 4Hour Workweek still relevant? (hint: maybe more than ever before)


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