Caring For The Most Vulnerable Through eLearning With Ben Jones, Allambi Care on the eLearning Podcast

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My guest for today is Ben Jones, the Learning and Development Manager for Allambi Care, an institution based in New South Wales, Australia that provides care for some of the world’s most vulnerable children.

In this supportive conversation we talk about:

🚸 The history, journey and focus of the work of Allambi Care, and how they support vulnerable children with services like foster care, learning support and much more.

🎗 How the institution has created and sustained the very successful “Learning Without Walls” program that includes so much more than just academic support.

🏋 How Allambi Care pivoted in the pandemic to make sure they were still able to provide necessary training and support to their staffeven with the double trouble of newly instated “minimum requirements” for many positions.

📶 How Allambi Care has used a monthly virtual lounge to create a team feeling and connection and validate critical training points with more experienced staff, especially with new employees in a very high turnover sector.

⛰ How they have overcome necessary in person training outcomes around things like active listening in their virtual environment… and how “informal” virtual meetings have become a habit to continue to forge those collegial bonds we used to do naturally.

🚼 How “going virtual” is fundamentally changing they way ​​Allambi Care structures and delivers induction training with serious cost savings.

👀 The “Aha” breakthroughs that Ben has experienced over the pandemic that has moved him from “you can’t do this virtually” to “wow, look at what is possible!” 


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