An Architect Turned STEM Teacher Turned ‘EdTechpreneur’ With Ryan Rasar, STEM Qwest On The eLearning Podcast

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My guest for today is Ryan Rasar, an architect turned teacher and educational entrepreneur based out of Las Vegas. Passionate about technology and science, Ryan founded Stem Qwest to deliver high quality courses on topics about Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.

In this very entrepreneurial conversation Ryan and I talk about:

📦 The process of moving away from architecture and into teaching, then into educational IT, then jumping deep into eLearning entrepreneurship with STEM Qwest

📺 The ‘wins” and ‘woes’ of technology in the classroom, and the surprising ways in which young learners are totally tech savvy at one turn and luddites at the other… and how Ryan deals with it

⚠ Related to this, we also talk about how teachers approach entrepreneurship differently. Spoiler alert: It’s all about finding the joy of learning, and making it contagious

💽 We also talk about Ryan’s experience with virtual charter schools, and how their use of technology allowed him to reach several times more students than he’d expect, and in a matter of days.

🔖 Finally, we cover Ryan’s favorite tools, including Canvas and whether or not Outschool will become the Amazon of eLearning.

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