Evidence-Based Language Learning Volunteering With Diana Suárez, GLOT On The eLearning Podcast With Stephen Ladek

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My guest for today is Diana Suárez, a true lover of languages, and founder of in Medellín, Colombia, GLOT is an initiative that uses evidence-based impact methodologies and volunteer based tutoring for language learning and to advance literacy.

The ability to speak another language, or languages (if you want to earn “polyglot” status) is undoubtedly still one of the most valuable professional skills you can have, even in our modern world with instantaneous translation. 

As such, the focus of today’s conversation comes from Diana’s original concept for forming GLOT: What if we made language learning possible for everyone, particularly low-income learners?

In this educational conversation Diana and I talk about:

😋 The joys of language learning, and its struggles, when you realize your target audience is below par when it comes to literacy un their mother tongue

🧪 Why Diana is a believer in evidence based interventions, and why she decided to base her work on the approach called “Teaching at the Right Level”

🤔 We take a deep dive on GLOT’s programs for Literacy, Online Learning, Interpretation and more; and why foreigners should consider volunteering as a language tutor in Medellín for their next holiday

📶 How Diana leveraged open source technologies to deliver online learning to communities without internet access

💽 Finally we talk about Diana’s vision for a self sustaining, universally accessible and data-driven learning language approach, and her current plans to accomplish it

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