Achieve Your 2022 Learning Goals With Cohorts And Diego Lainez, Dare To Learn On The eLearning Podcast With Stephen Ladek

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For our final episode of 2021, my guest is Diego Lainez, the founder of Dare To Learn in Monterey, Mexico.

Diego’s answer to one simple question may be the perfect lever you need to kick start your eLearning right 2022.

The question: What learning do you want to achieve?

Diego, believes the best way to tackle this potentially overwhelming question is through cohorts. Diego helps organizations and teams develop powerful teamwork capabilities, where competencies become the compass that will help you navigate upskilling journeys without losing your north.

In this competitive conversation we talk about:

🎓 Competencies, of course, with a bit of a crash course on what they are and how they should influence your learning, teamwork and strategy.

🏗 “Natural working teams” and why competencies can be a common language for all the people you’ll be working with. And yes, that may include customers and students.

🙈 How it’s perfectly possible to align teams and learning goals or even apply personalized approaches simultaneously to not only protect collaboration, but also bolster it.

🎗 Why roles like instructional design and L&D officer have shifted to focus on team goals, and why are called to continue changing towards agility, cognitive awareness, and impact.

👩‍👩‍👦‍👦 Why, ultimately, the real focus on learning is the people, not the tech or the learning plan. So when it comes to competency based experiences, flexibility is your best friend.

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