Digital Credentials and the Trusted Learner Network with Kate Giovacchini

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Hello everyone! My name is Ladek and my guest for today is Kate Giovacchini, who is the Co-Executive Director of Engineering and Managing Director of the Trusted Learner Network at Arizona State University.

In this very ‘connected’ conversation Kate and I talk about

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6:28 › The Trusted Learner Network—What it is, how it’s connected to ASU, and… what are Kate’s thoughts about the landscape for digital credentials right now?

10:25 › Networking—How can individuals and institutions join and benefit from the Trusted Learner Network?

19:34 › Hall Cred—Taking into account the Trusted Learner Network’s case as a bridge that connects people and institutions, how do you build trust and credibility?

31:01 › Future Meeting—What is Kate’s opinion on future interactions with other non-education organizations and platforms?

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