Education 4.0 — Why Is It Vital For Higher Ed Today? With Melissa Hortman

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Hello everyone! My name is Ladek and my guest for this episode is Melissa Hortman. She is Senior Education Industry Executive, and Account Technology Strategist for Research at Microsoft, who’s spent over 12 years as a Higher Ed leader and innovator, leading digital transformation and accelerating academic research in the U.S.

In this ‘forward-thinking’ conversation Melissa and I talk about

00:00 › Start

8:08 › What exactly is Education 4.0 and how is this changing the Higher Education landscape?

11:00 › What is the best way to implement Education 4.0 or, what needs to be evolved at an institution to make this a reality?

17:00 › What are the biggest challenges for implementation of Education 4.0?

31:10 › What does Melissa view as the most important challenges for empowering faculty to innovate and engender student resiliency to make higher education more effective now and in the future?

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