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Hello everyone! My name is Ladek and my guest for today is Kristin Torrence. She is the Head of Learning Engineering at Talespin, where she focuses on applying learning sciences, instructional design, and data science practices to design, instrument, and validate VR and XR learning solutions.

In this ‘very real’ conversation Kristin and I talk about

00:00 › Start

03:33 › Learning Engineering 101—What is it, and how one can study or get a degree in this exciting topic

05:40 › The VR-ecipe—Kristin explains the specific processes used in learning engineering and how to apply them to the development of Virtual Reality (VR) requirements

09:17 › Kristin’s Tech Stack—We then dive deeper to discuss specific technologies she uses for creating VR learning and her process of trial and error, working with learners for feedback and the need for constantly improving your design

18:35 › Is there a “Formula for Success” in the development of VR, apart from making it more user-friendly by using learner personas or characters? Kristin shares the most interesting feedback she’s received thus far

28:00 › Kristin’s Views About the Future—development in learning engineering for VR

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