What Being A ‘30 Under 30’ Feels Like With LaTarshia Wooten

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Hello everyone! I’m Ladek and my guest for today is LaTarshia Wooten, a learning experience designer, a 2021 30 under 30 award recipient, and someone you want to listen to about building a career in eLearning.

In this ‘well designed’ conversation we talk about

🎓 How LaTarshia discovered the path to becoming a learning experience designer after beginning as a marketer, and —hint— it wasn’t through the typical university experience

⬆ Her experience working for a small accounting firm, and how this “many hats”, super niche experience prepared her to continue to evolve professionally

📈 Why and how feedback is so important to growth, in every way: professionally, personally and for your business or organization

🔮 Her transition to a much larger, Fortune 200 company, (happily) jumping into the deep end of the pool and the differences between serving external vs internal clients

🏗 The challenges she has experienced working for a large company. Things like: not knowing what she doesn’t know, being asked to stretch by creating content, simply finding her way to the right people… and more

🎨 The fact that learning and instructional design is one of the hottest careers in education, and why it doesn’t matter how you get in but what you do once you’ve arrived

💼 Advice on breaking into the design space, especially if you’re trying to transition from another career path

🥈 What the 30 under 30 experience was like, from application, to award to today and what LaTarshia has learned from it.

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