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My guests for today are Amy Price & Becky Keith of Intelliboard. Amy is a big data nerd who moved from a compliance role, to teaching, to her current role as a client services manager. Becky is a big instructional technology nerd, with a background in the classroom who is also the Vice President of Platforms.

In this ‘analytical’ conversation Amy, Becky and I talk about

⏭  Intelliboard Next, and why everyone should be excited about this next generation analytics platform that evolves its delivery from easily displaying data to one that combines LMS data with other sources and seeks to help improve outcomes

🌛 What common barriers exist to first collecting data, but then actually creating tangible action from analytics to help all types of learners

🆕 Why it might be a good idea to start your data analytics implementation by focusing on high flyers (in both learners and implementers) rather than difficult or challenging cases, to ensure you gain momentum and buy in

🏗 How working to be proactive, as a teacher, learner, parent, manager, puts us in front of the learning game and allows us to help learners in need, identify high performers and take action early

⚒ The reality that institutions, schools and companies often create accidental silos around important learner data that, when shared and combined, make understanding learner performance easier and richer

🔓 What the common barriers and failures are for implementing learning analytics and how to ensure data privacy is upheld. 

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