How Artificial Intelligence Will Or Already Has Changed Learning with Markus Bernhardt

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Hello everyone! My name is Ladek and my guest for today is Markus Bernhardt. He is the Chief Evangelist at OBRIZUM, and is pioneering deeptech AI digital learning solutions for all aspects of organizational and people development. Previously the CEO of two education institutions and with years of experience in executive and non-executive board roles in the education sector, Markus uniquely combines a strong background in learning and cognitive science with a deep understanding of technology and AI.

In this ‘future-driven’ conversation Markus and I talk about

00:00 › Start

05:00 › Deeptech—What exactly is it, and what is the difference between machine learning & AI?

10:22 › How Markus believes AI will Impact and Change Learning and cognitive science, and whether or not we need to consider ethics in Artificial Intelligence applications

21:00 › ChatGPT? Present! What are some ways we might integrate tools like ChatGPT with a Learning Management System

32:43 › Adaptation To Unstructured—Because adaptation is the secret to success in learning experiences, how does Markus approach an unstructured learning environment? 

38:27 › Prompt Tutoring Engineering—What are the skills or capabilities that a tutor needs for a personalization journey experience?

48:26 › How is AI going to impact Learning in the corporate space, and what are Markus’ opinions for the near future of the technology?

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