How Can We Improve Accessibility with AI? With Michael Vaughn

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Hello everyone! My name is Ladek and my guest for this episode is Michael Vaughn, an Adoption and Education Specialist at Open LMS. With over 15 years of experience in the field, Michael helps LMS administrators and instructional designers effectively leverage learning tools and platforms.

In this very ‘accessible’ conversation Michael and I talk about

00:00 › Start

8:38 › Why Accessibility—Why does it matter across all learners and educational experiences?

17:26 › 99% Invisible—How can improving accessibility help address needs that a majority of learners don’t even know they have? (Including YOU)

27:02 › ∆I—How can Artificial Intelligence be a game changer in improving accessibility in learning?

32:41 › Tools of Today—What services or apps exist today to create efficiencies for people or organizations that create learning?

36:39 › Remaining Tasks—What are those challenges and gaps and considerations around AI that we need to address around data privacy, ethics and other current topics?

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