How To Create Effective Conversational Microlearning with Pascal Rosenberger

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Hello everyone! My name is Ladek and my guest for today is Pascal Rosenberger, Co-Founder and CEO of, a microlearning service that helps learners soak up new business knowledge through interactive, chat-based learning nuggets.

In this ‘not-so-micro’ conversation Pascal and I talk about

00:00 › Start

4:36 › What is Conversational Microlearning—and how this technique makes it easy and engaging for learners to soak up new business knowledge with interactive and chat-based learning nuggets

5:20 › How Eggheads.AI Works with the help of Artificial Intelligence and ChatGPT?

9:59 › Most Interesting Feedback—What is the most interesting feedback that Pascal received in the process of developing Eggheads and how he manages incorporating new ideas into the tech

18:48 › Chatting In—Pascal dives deeper into how  Eggheads is another tool learning professionals can use as a part of their technology suite

27:51 › How the Internet is going to impact the microlearning space and Pascal’s vision for the future

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