The eLearning Podcast, Episode №8 — Seb Francis, Titus

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My guest for today’s episode is Seb Francis. Seb is the Co-Founder and CEO of Titus, A Certified Premium Partner of Moodle in the UK, Hong Kong and UAE. In these countries, Titus helps organizations of all stripes to get started, scale and make the most of Moodle, and more recently Moodle Workplace.

For the company’s efforts on “championing” and capitalizing on high-profile initiatives, including the largest installation of Moodle Workplace in the world to date, last year Moodle HQ recognized Titus with the Moodle Appreciation Partner of the Year Award, the first time ever given.

You can get a glimpse of Titus and Seb’s philosophy in his talk on our Elearning Success Summit, titled “Zero Stress LMS Implementation.”

In this exciting conversation Seb and I talk about:

  • Why, despite Moodle’s track record in innovation and new features, Seb believes Workplace has the potential to take the Open Source LMS into a completely new chapter.
  • Why the value of Open Source systems like Moodle does not lie on them having all the best features, but on achieving a level of interoperability that allows you to connect the best integrations without hassle.
  • How remote working and learning arrangements are opening people’s minds about increasing team productivity and reaching many times more students in more engaging ways.
  • The importance of understanding the diverse landscape of students’ own learning environment and homes. (And why Netflix is your ally when working on issues of race and social justice in your classroom.)


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