Are Podcasts Just for ‘Play’? (Hint: No) with Shawn Rosler

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Hello everyone! My name is Ladek and my guest for today is Shawn Rosler, who is a Senior Instructional Designer with Office Practicum and, more importantly for this conversation, the Host & Creator of The Coarse Grind Podcast.

In this ‘hilarious’ conversation Shawn and I talk about

00:00 › Start

02:40 › Not Just Stories—The fact that podcasts are not just for creative storytelling; and the potentially missed opportunity by schools and businesses around the world to use podcasts as an effective way to deliver learning and skill building

06:00 › The Checklist—What resources does a person, team or company need to create an effective podcast? And, perhaps more importantly, what can you do to “humanize” the material in a podcast so that your listeners care?

8:30 › Shawn & the World of Podcasting—Hint: It wasn’t for the fame and glamour; and Shawn’s take on the fact we’ve now evolved to a video AND audio format

13:33 › Stats for Newbies—What you need to consider before jumping into creating a podcast for the first time; and the difference between a professional podcast with a purpose, and a show that develops organically

18:00 › The (Lack Of) Elephants In The Room—In the age of followers, do we need to care about how many people are in the room; and is this something you talk about with your company or school?

22:00 › Mistakes and Failures Check-In—What Shawn has learned from his journey on Coarse Grind, and his recommendations about how to avoid them. (Probably a good thing if you have experienced some of these yourself)
28:46 › Shawn’s first Podcast, his retelling of the experience and his predictions for the future of podcasting.

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