The eLearning Podcast — Kenneth Chapman, D2L

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My guest for today’s episode is Kenneth Chapman from D2L, formerly “Desire 2 Learn.” D2L is the Canadian elearning company behind Brightspace, one of the top players in what we call the “LMS Space Race.”

We became very interested in D2L, which is one of the longest running elearning journeys out there, when we learned about their approach to customer care and equity, community building, and their conscious efforts in accessibility.

I strongly recommend you check out Kenneth’s very relevant talk on “Preparing For The Post-COVID New Normal,” at the Elearning Success Summit.

I’m sure you’ll enjoy listening to this enlightening conversation, where Kenneth and I talk about:

  • How D2L approaches the “future of work,” from a company that aims to be a part of a person’s lifetime of learning
  • The challenges of “scaling up” a cloud operation, not just technically, but to make sure more people benefit, especially disadvantaged groups 
  • The Brightspace Community, a place open to everyone regardless of LMS, to find answer, share experiences and exchange knowledge and resources
  • Why it’s important for elearning companies to “meet people where they are.” Drawing lessons from their customer base but also knowing how to apply them case by case
  • Finally, why underestimating the “last mile” of the learning experience could be fatal. Students can “sniff” a poor online experience from miles away.

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