Data Interoperability Is Critical For K-12

Consider how strong it would be if all of the numerous systems and applications K-12 school systems could easily “speak” to one another and share data, with data flowing fluidly from one application to the next. Central office employees could enter student information once in a centralized portal. Then relevant pieces of that information could […]

LMS with Purpose: Finding Meaning —and Communicating it— in Learning Management Systems

eLearning professionals take advantage of Learning Management Systems (LMS) to evaluate learning processes and experiences. Whether you’re looking to conduct training or create interactive educational experiences, and It can be a platform or a mobile application. Thanks to it, you can consider, plan, and conduct training. Technologies make teaching activities several times more manageable. The […]

LMS To Help With Employee Engagement — Here’s How

employee engagement

Learning Management Systems, or LMS, are the backbone of learning purposes for organizations of all kinds. Since the pandemic, the demand for these programs has skyrocketed, with reported estimates of their value up to $32 billion in 2020 alone. A huge jump from 2015’s $8 billion, if numbers are to be believed. The growth rate would […]

Check Out Oliver Tacke’s Expert H5P Playground

4-27 update: The types Sort the paragraph, KewAR code and AR Scavenger are already available in the H5P Hub, which means you can find it along with all the other types. Oliver’s other ‘attractions’ are under review and will likely become available soon on the Hub. In this article you will find an exhibition of […]

iSpring Meets Moodle™: A Perfect Match For Content, Interaction And Reporting


As easy as 1, 2, 3! Do you use Moodle™ to teach students or train employees and spend hours building courses that don’t hook your learners? Check out iSpring Suite Max, a great solution for creating amazing SCORM content that’s fully compatible with your LMS. Create engaging online courses, quizzes, role-plays, interactions, and video tutorials. […]

How Healthy Is The Sakai Community? Sakai Virtual Conference Highlights

Last November, Sakai, the most popular open source LMS from the U.S., held its annual conference where participants exchanged knowledge about pedagogy and best practices. The Sakai Conference, held online this time around, highlights the ability to connect with other people from different places and collaborate with them in an intensive way. This year’s schedule […]

10 Corporate Training Software for Employee Training

10 Best Corporate Training Software for Employee Training

Your corporate training software choice can make a world of difference in employee engagement, retention, efficiency, and productivity. As such, it can also lead to more profitability. To help you make an excellent choice for your business, we’ve compiled a list of the 10 best corporate LMS solutions. Let’s dig in. ProProfs Corporate LMS ProProfs […]

LMS and LXP: The Difference Explained


Modern learning delivered online should not be limited to a particular format or style. As a result, it should embrace a variety of approaches: Traditional and nontraditional, sociable and self-paced, pedagogic, androgogic and heutagogic; and so on. All of it should work together to produce a comprehensive, well-rounded experience that promotes long-term achievement. With so […]