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There comes a time for all things to end – and for some of us that means the courses we teach and maintain for our student body. Rather than destroying these resources and their associated data, in today’s digital age, it is always a great idea to just back them up for archiving.

Matthew Davidson has released a plugin – very aptly named – called Course Archiver that accomplishes just that. It is a winner of an Early Bird Moodle 3.0 award and looks to be a great resource, especially for those Moodlers who maintain a large catalogue of courses that need to be updated, modified or changed regularly.

I especially like the fact that you can mass hide or archive courses, rather than being forced to do this one by one. Once you have indicated that you will hide or archive a course, an email is sent to the course owner letting them know when this will happen.

From the comments, the only real hiccup / issue that I can see is the fact that the documentation doesn’t currently provide a step by step about how to unarchive courses. However, because they are stored as zipped files, this should be a straight forward process for any experienced Moodler.

Do you have a need to archive courses? How have you been storing this data for posterity?


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