Make badge templates to simplify badge creation in all courses using Badge Pool plugin #Moodle

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Few days ago we have posted about increasing student interaction by extending badge plugins. Today we will review about one of the plugin – Badge Pool.
Badge Pool is a plugin which allows you to create badge templates which can be used to simplify creating badges in all courses of your moodle system. These templates can be organized in categories and exported to a XML file to share them with others.
During testing on my development site – My observations are:

  • The plugin has to be installed in the Your_Moodle_Site/local directory.
  • Manage the badge pool and add badge templates by going to Site administration –> Badges –> Badge_Pool.
  • First you have to create the badge pool category before adding any badge to the badge pool.
  • After that you can add a new badge from Site administration –> Badges –> Badge Pool-> Manage_Badge_Pool.
  • You can also set an expiry date for the badge. The options are Never, A fixed Date or A Relative Date from the issue of the badge.
  • You can also set the Badge Message settings to be send to the recipient.
  • You can also import/export all pool badges to an XML file where you can choose to export whole categories or selected badges.

Badge Pool
Overall, if you are also issuing badges for your Moodle course, then its a must have plugin on your Moodle site.
You can download the latest version of the plugin from the Moodle Plugins database here –
The plugin is developed by Matthias Schwabe and is available for Moodle 2.9 only.
Do let us know in the comments below, how you are managing badges on your Moodle site.

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