Need To Display A Matrix In Moodle? Check Out This Plugin

Matrix Editor For Atto
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If you have a need to use matrices in your Moodle, Geoffrey Rowland recently published the Matrix Editor plugin that looks to contain everything you need to get TeX/MathJax Matrices and Arrays on the screen for your learners with ease in Atto.

To author and edit a matrix, you need to use the MathJax or TeX filters and, as stated on, the plugin:

includes templates for 1xn 2xn, 3xn and mxn matrices and a range of brackets and braces.

A few admin points to remember if you’re going to use the Matrix Editor:

  1. Enable the Mathjax or TeX filter – you can enable both if you are Moodling in 2.8 or later
  2. Enable the editor/filter in the course that you are using it for
  3. Add the Matrix Editor icon/button to the Atto toolbar

You may also need to clear you caches after installing the plugin to get it to appear correctly.

Are matrices important for your online offering? Tell us how this plugin will help you to add value for your learners in the comments below.


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