A Plugin To Transform Your Moodle Course Looks (Free One-Click Install Update)

One Plugin To Completely Transform The Way Your Moodle Course Content Looks
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By the Edwiser Team.

Updated on August 30th, 2019. You can now find Edwiser Course Format in the Official Moodle Plugin Directory (format_remuiformat).

No matter how many times you say it, it won’t be enough. Course formats, or the way your course content is presented, plays a crucial role in the engagement and retention of your learners.

Given the fact that course layouts are so important, we now have a solution that gives us the presentation flexibility we need.

And that’s exactly what the creators of “Edwiser RemUI,” one fo the most popular premium themes for Moodle, are offering to the community now. Edwiser has come out with a standalone course formats plugin, designed to help your students focus and learn better.

Down memory lane

Edwiser RemUI Course Formats plugin was initially introduced by Edwiser as a part of the flagship “Edwiser RemUI” premium theme for Moodle. The modern-looking and aesthetically pleasing formats introduced by the theme got a very warm welcome from users.

In no time, more and more people from the Moodle community started expressing their interest to use these course formats on their Moodle themes.

Keeping in mind the increasing demand for Edwiser Course Formats by Moodle users, Edwiser now made the course formats compatible with other popular Moodle themes as well.

Edwiser Course Formats Plugin

It was the summer of 2015

Edwiser RemUI Course Formats plugin has a new identity now: Edwiser Course Formats, as a standalone plugin.

The Card & List Formats from Edwiser have been significantly improved, and also made compatible with multiple Moodle themes.

Here’s some info on how these course formats work:

Edwiser List Format

Edwiser List Format
Edwiser List Format

Using Edwiser List Format, you can display your course sections and activities as lists. Minimalistic in design, this format comes with an option to collapse or expand course sections.

The ability to collapse sections completely removes any scope of endless scrolling across courses.

Edwiser Card Format

Edwiser Card Format
Edwiser Card Format

Edwiser Card Format offers a more visually dense experience. This format lets you display your course content on neatly stacked cards. Goes without saying, this format is highly functional (not to mention: pleasing to the eye.)

Edwiser Course Formats Plugin as of now offers the above two formats.

However, the team at Edwiser are committed to adding more and more intuitive course formats in due course of time.

The Best Part?

Edwiser Course Formats plugin is not just completely free, but also compatible with popular Moodle themes including “Edwiser RemUI,” “Boost,” “Fordson,” “Moove” and “Handlebar”.

Know more about this brand new offering by Edwiser in this dedicated launch post!

Read more: Edwiser RemUI Course Format Plugin Installation at

Convinced already? Get your FREE Copy of Edwiser Course Formats plugin today!

Learn More at

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